How to Introduce a Loyalty Card Program for Your Brand

Repeat business is good for business. That’s why so many companies have created customer loyalty programs. At a time when businesses of all sizes have been struggling, there’s never been a better time to reward and cultivate customer loyalty.

A customer loyalty program such as a points program can both reward your repeat customers and help your bottom line. These tips can help you introduce a program that works.

#1 Use PVC Cards

How many half-stamped paper cards do you have falling apart in your wallet? Coffee shops and other small retail businesses often start customer loyalty programs with the kind of paper cards that get stamped with each purchase. But they often get forgotten or worn down quickly.

There’s a better way to encourage customer loyalty. With a card printer on-premise, you can print and program durable PVC cards that let customers earn points or rewards while you to track valuable data like purchase history. They look better, fit easily in customers’ wallets, and they won’t fall apart. You can also print them on demand.

#2 Integrate Your Branding

Every aspect of your loyalty program should reinforce your brand, from the rewards you offer to the physical cards themselves. The underlying goal of your rewards program should always be about enhancing customers’ experience of your brand. Not only should the rewards reflect the experience you offer, but you should pay attention to the details as well.

Your customer loyalty cards should show off the personality of your brand. You want customers to instantly recognize it when they’re flipping through their wallets – and think about you when they see it. Using high-quality PVC cards, you can make sure that your custom-designed cards always look great.

#3 Collect Data

Printing physical rewards cards isn’t just a branding exercise. It can also give you access to valuable information about your customers and their purchases. Using supplementary software, you can track the purchases of customers who use your rewards program.

Information is power, and you can start connecting the dots between repeat businesses and what they buy to start targeting your marketing campaigns.

#4 Design Your Program for Your Best Customers

Your top 10% of customers can be worth five to six times more than the rest of your customer base. These are your most loyal and profitable customers, and they should be the targets of your loyalty program.

They are the clientele who will be more motivated by the program. They want to support your business, and they benefit from sticking with you.

#5 Discounts vs. Other Benefits

Discounts are some of the most popular rewards given in loyalty programs, but they’re not the most memorable. There are many other rewards you can provide. Depending on the nature of your business, they might include:

·         Free shipping

·         Early access

·         Free products

Redeemable points programs can be a great way to appeal to basic human behaviour. People enjoy the feeling that they’re progressing toward a goal, such as a free purchase or other rewards. Points should be earned quickly enough that customers feel a sense of progress and momentum. You might even be able to make a more memorable experience by giving out surprise rewards.

A loyalty card program is a great way to both give back to your customers and inspire repeat business. Get started with a loyalty card program system today.

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