Avoid Security Breaches by Implementing ID Cards in the Workplace

Workplace security breaches are a source of concern across industries. They can pose a danger to your staff and/or customers, disrupt the workday, lead to loss through theft, or jeopardize data and records. If you’re responsible for building or workplace security, these are the kinds of security breaches you can cut down on by introducing ID cards.

Breach of Health Protocols

As the world slowly gets back to normal, you can expect many workplaces to return with health protocols to ensure that staff are able to work safely and ease any anxieties they have about returning to the office.

COVID-19 screening is one method to make sure the office remains safe for workers, but it’s not just staff who should be screened. Anyone entering the office should have to go through the screening process, or else you could have a potentially deadly breach. An ID card can help reassure everyone in a large office setting that visitors have been properly screened.

With a plastic card printer in house, you can quickly print cards or lanyards for visitors so that everyone knows a guest, contractor, or client has been properly screened and has followed workplace health protocols.

Protecting Records and Data

If you work in an industry that handles personal, confidential information, such as medical records or financial information, you need to make sure that your physical records and data servers are protected from breaches.

Whether these documents are stored on a particular device, server, or on paper, you can restrict access with proximity ID cards. A contact-free proximity card reader prevents those without authorization from physically accessing sensitive data.

Proximity cards are the most widely-used identification credential for controlling physical access. They can be programmed and printed in-house. Credentials can be changed as an organization needs to update them, such as removing credentials from cards that have been lost or stolen.

To help improve durability, provide an access card holder with proximity cards. They’re an affordable way to attach access cards to lanyards or protect them from scratches.

External and Internal Theft

Businesses of all kinds need to protect themselves against theft. Whether you’re worried about your bank deposits, theft from the register, inventory, or data, you can reduce the risk of theft with access ID cards.

While the use of safes and best practices for bank deposits can help you protect cash at critical times, proximity cards might be what you need to limit access to inventory and data. They can prevent customers or guests from accessing restricted areas, and they give you control over which employees can gain access at what times.

Don’t Lose Access Cards

Access ID cards help make sure that only the right people gain access to your premises, but how do you make sure no one who shouldn’t gets their hands on your access ID cards? You can introduce policies that impress the importance of their proximity cards on employees, but the best way to reduce loss is to invest in security accessories like lanyards, badge holders, and anything that simply makes it harder to lose them.

Security breaches are a concern for all kinds of workplaces. Fortunately, ID cards make it easier to ensure that no one winds up where they don’t belong.

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