Which Industries Get the Most Benefits Out of ID Cards?

Could your organization benefit from using ID cards for employees, guests, customers, or volunteers? PVC ID cards can help you streamline security, restrict access to facilities or materials, quickly identify people on busy sites, and even provide loyalty programs to customers.

If you’re working in any of these industries, it may be time to invest in an ID card printer and the right software to create a system that works for you.

#1 Construction

Construction site theft is not just common; the costs climb every year. Across Canada, construction site theft now costs $46 million annually, and much of that theft is done by on-site workers. Construction sites are ripe for theft, as they’re often busy scenes where valuable materials and equipment are stored with minimal oversight.

Photo ID cards are a quick way for construction companies to mitigate the risk of theft and secure materials that are valuable and sometimes dangerous. With an on-site ID card printer, companies can also issue appropriate ID to site visitors, which will help prevent non-employees from making off with materials.

#2 Non-Profit Organizations

Every organization’s reason for using ID cards is unique. Employees in the non-profit sector often find themselves organizing events with the help of volunteers. Organizers need to be able to quickly identify volunteers from attendees or guests, and a matching T-shirt isn’t always enough.

It also helps organizers connect with volunteers when they know everyone’s name. Name recall is one of the biggest factors in creating lasting connections with volunteers.

ID cards can also be useful in non-profit medical settings, such as animal shelters, where only some volunteers with the qualifications should have access to controlled drugs.

#3 Emergency Services

Any way to speed up security processes used in the delivery of emergency services is a good one. With the use of photo ID cards for emergency services personnel, security at hospitals and other facilities can quickly confirm the identities of personnel and avoid security breaches during a crisis.

Security is essential in emergency services, but it can’t slow down rapid response times. Avon Security Products provides customizable systems that allow security teams to verify identities or provide access to restricted facilities. High-quality employee ID cards are watermarked and holographic to prevent counterfeiting and tampering. 

#4 Retail

Customer loyalty programs are an excellent way for retailers to show they appreciate customers who keep coming back. Studies show that a customer who has an emotional connection to your business will have four times the lifetime value of an average consumer.

For local retailers, that goodwill shouldn’t go to waste. Now more than ever, shoppers are showing their love for local businesses whenever they can. The right card for the program isn’t just durable; it’s also got character. Make sure it brings your brand to life.

With supplementary software, you can easily track purchases and points, and record data for your most loyal customers. 

An ID card printer can enhance your security system, introduce a loyalty program, reduce theft, and help you engage volunteers. Find out how you can make high-quality, secure PVC photo cards on-site.

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