How to Select the Right Badge Clips for Your Employees

ID cards have become a very popular way for companies to identify who has permission to enter versus who does not. The use of badge clips is the most logical way to avoid having to whip out your wallet before going into a restricted area. As well, while you could potentially misplace your wallet, the use of badge clips on your clothing means you are unlikely to simply set down your ID card. Of course, the right badge clips make a lot of difference versus the wrong ones.


Sometimes the best type of badge clip is the kind that does not involve clipping onto the ID card itself. A clear, flexible plastic ID card holder is often best because it allows you to change out your ID card periodically without having to make changes to the card or go through a complicated removal process. Slide out the old card, slide in the new card, and you are ready to go. This differs from many other kinds of badge clips because you can use virtually any kind of card, as opposed to only kinds that have notches in them. This is also the most secure way to attach a plastic card to your clothes, because the card is not secured by merely a small strip of its own plastic. Further, this is compatible with metal detector security.

Strap Clips

If you are able to punch slots through your ID cards, strap clips are excellent methods of securing a card to clothing. All you have to do is take a strap of fabric and loop it through the slot to secure your card. This is metal detector compatible, and is the most physically flexible kind of ID securing device because of the fabric itself. There is usage flexibility in addition to physical flexibility. This also has a longer amount of length available, based on personal preferences, so your employees can scan in or be allowed in visually by guards.

Adhesive Back Clips

In cases where the ID badge does not need to move and simply needs to be seen, adhesive back clips are an excellent way to attach the ID. There is no need to weaken the structure of the card itself through punching notches in it this way, and the card stays secure better than any other method. Unless the attachment mechanism is a pinback of some kind, this is also generally a method that is compatible with metal detection.

Plastic Clip Attachments

Plastic attachments can clip onto the side of the card itself without a notch, or a notch can be used for more flexibility in a “keychain” style. Plastic attachments are the least expensive option available, as they are simply a piece of plastic that clips onto the card and then onto a shirt pocket or collar. This type of attachment is also the least likely to have any metal pieces due to its simplicity, making it the most likely type to be completely metal detector compatible.

Magnetic Attachments

Magnetic attachments are obviously not metal detector compatible, but they are generally the easiest method to remove and re-attach for scanning purposes. They are simple, reasonably inexpensive en masse, and can be attached to shirts that do not have a pocket on which to clip the mechanism. The magnets can attach directly to the card itself, or to a plastic sleeve such as the one mentioned above. These also have the advantage of being convenient for your employees to keep on their fridges the night before, and are harder to lose by extension.

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