How to Select the Right ID Card Rental Printer

Renting an ID card printer can be a great idea for your business. Whether you have a high-volume job you need to complete or you have ongoing printing that needs to be done, renting a printer is an economical, efficient option. However, selecting the right rental printer can be overwhelming. With all the options available, how do you know which one is right for you? Here are a few tips to help you select the right printer for the job. 

Short-term or Ongoing

The first thing to look at is whether you’re going to need your printer on a long-term basis or if you’re using it for a short-term job to help with the workload. If you only need am ID card printer that’s capable of making cards for a one-time event, you’ll be looking at very different options than if you require a long-term solution for high-quality, full-color ID card jobs. Additionally, knowing whether you need your rental printer for a short while or long-term can help you decide which option will be most economical. For instance, ink and ribbon purchases can add up quickly, so you might want a model that has less expensive supplies if you’re looking for long-term solutions. 

Color or Black and White

Knowing whether you need color or black and white ID cards doesn’t just guide the choice of printer, it guides your decision on the model, the ink quality, and other facets of your rental printer, as well. Make sure to note the quality level and color needs of your project or business before you shop for your rental printer. 

Number of Users 

The technology surrounding printers is advanced, and entire networks can be digitally supported and orchestrated around a single printer or set of printers. Before you shop for your rental printer, make sure you know how many people will be using it. If you only need one printer that an administrative assistant and a few other people will be using, you might be able to get a budget ID card rental printer and be okay. However, if different teams will be printing from your rental printer, you’re going to need one that can handle that level of volume and that can digitally support a network of that size. 


Finally, you probably already have a printer system in place, which means the software and wireless set up is already installed and taken care of. When you go to add a rental printer to your lineup, make sure you’re choosing one that will be compatible with the system you already have in place. Make note of your software program and version, the kind of network you have set up, how many people are on the network, and any other details about your current setup before you rent an ID card printer. 

When shopping, bring these details with you and show it to whoever is helping you make your decision. An informed and experienced printer professional can tell you exactly which one would be right for you and can help you implement the new printer into your existing environment and network.

Have more questions about ID card rental printers, contact us today, or shop our wide-range of printers online.

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