How Visitor Management Software Can Work for Your Business

When visitors arrive at your business, you want them to have an incredibly positive experience. With today’s technology, it’s very easy to make that first impression favorable, especially with the right visitor management software. Receptionists are nice to have for human interaction, but visitor management software makes it easy to streamline the process. The software can make it so that visitors get what they need quickly, and all necessary documentation is easily squared away for your records. 

The following are some of the most noticeable benefits of using visitor management software:

Accurate and Immediate Record Keeping

The old-fashioned way of checking in visitors, where they sign and wait, can take a considerable amount of time. It also runs the risk of inaccurate data entry when the visitor’s information is entered. Visitor management software allows the visitor to do all their own data entry.  This means it’s far more likely to be accurate and your records will immediately update with required details. It also ensures that data entry does not fall behind on days when there is a large group of visitors or a steady stream of visitors over the course of a day.

All-In-One Solution

Depending on your business and field, there can be a lot of required information and tasks required for each visitor. Visitor management software gives you a way to initiate each required task at the same time. The login is taken care of as the badge is being generated with specific details about each visitor, and it notifies the host that the visitor has arrived. By managing all necessary tasks at one time, your visitors will spend less time waiting.

Customizable Check-In Process

Most software gives you the ability to customize the experience. From information recorded to visitor-friendly functions – you can highlight the items you want your visitors to know and provide them the ability to get the info they require (such as a map of the area).

If legal information needs to be recorded at time of check in, you can add any necessary disclaimers, waivers and warnings as part of the process. The system will then save each visitors’ signature agreeing to the terms of the visit. 

Different Levels of Access

You can establish various levels of security based on a visitor’s purpose and needs. For example, if you’re working with investors, they aren’t going to need access to everything, usually only a few strategic locations and information. However, when you work with inspectors and auditors, their access will likely need to be similar to that of your employees.

Easy Use with Tablets

Visitor software management has increasingly moved to being readily available on tablets (usually iPads), making it easy to offer something simple to use without having to invest in several work stations for visitors. You can determine the average number of visitors a day and have several tablets ready for their use so that several people can be entering their information at a time. Removing the waiting period can really give your visitors an incredibly positive first impression of your business.

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