The Benefits of a Magicard Printer for Your ID Cards

Have you made the decision to complete the ID card printing process in house? That’s a great idea linked to a lot of flexibility and convenience. In order to get the best results, however, you’ll need to choose a reliable printer.

When doing a bit of research about such appliances, you’ll probably come across a number of popular brands. Magicard printers are a favourite for many companies because they’re easy to use and they come with an excellent price to quality ratio.

Many Options to Choose Among
The range of Magicard printers is truly diversified. Chances are that you’ll find at least one appliance by the brand that will correspond to all your needs.

Magicard has many solutions – from highly cost-efficient printers to more expensive printers that are ideal for larger enterprises. The Prima 4 Uno ID Card Printer, for example, is a top-of-the-line professional reverse transfer and single-slide printer that makes printing on uneven surfaces possible. It’s also got a high output for larger companies, high-print quality and enhanced wear and tear protection.

Those looking for a more cost-efficient solution can opt for a Magicard printer like the Pronto ID Card Printer. Very compact and user-friendly, Pronto allows for on-demand printing. It’s a single-sided printer that’s very easy to set up and operate even by individuals who don’t have a lot of experience with such appliances.

Guaranteed Quality
ID cards are very much capable of contributing to the brand image. Every single detail matters when you’re trying to establish your professionalism and leadership role in the respective niche. A Magicard printer will give you the finest output every single time, regardless of the model that you choose.

When it comes to quality, retransfer technology is one of Magicard’s innovations that allow for an excellent outcome. Many of the company’s printers can also produce ID cards on materials other than PVC, and provide text and visuals that are crisp and long-lasting.

Security Features
Magicard has taken ID card printing to a whole new level with the numerous safety features that the company’s ID printers are equipped with.

The company’s HoloKote technology is one of the most impressive in terms of guaranteeing security. With this technology, a watermark can be placed on every single ID card. The coolest aspect of this process is that the watermark gets placed on the card during the normal printing process, which makes it quick and efficient.

Optional magnetic stripe encoding is another possibility. Data can be stored on the cards while printing is taking place. Thus, each card will carry a lot more information about its owner than a simple photo ID.

Smart card and contactless encoding are two other possibilities that come with various Magicard printer models.

Intuitive Interface
An intuitive and user-friendly interface is another common characteristic, regardless of the Magicard printer you’ve chosen.

Most models have numerous automatic processes that the user doesn’t have to worry about (automatic cleaning prompts and ribbon detection are just two examples). Usually, the printers come with a functional LCD panel that provides information about some of the most important printing parameters. 

The rule holds true even for the professional Magicard printers that are intended for enterprise use. While these appliances are capable of achieving a lot, getting the job done will simply be a matter of acquainting oneself with the options and choosing the right settings.

For more information on Magicard printers, contact us at Avon Security Products today!

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