The Best Proximity Card Brands

As a highly specialized service, proximity cards are made by companies that know how to create a product that is difficult to duplicate, secure, and easy to use. It is also important for proximity cards to be customizable since different industries have different needs. You may need to have various types of access for employees, visitors, departments and administrators. Here are some top brands that stand out from their competitors as being significantly higher quality:


This brand does an exceptional job of providing minimalist proximity cards that are easy to use. When you want badges and fobs to be unobtrusive without being easy to lose, Allegion has some interesting solutions.


SecureASP offers a secure solution without an excessive price, which is why it is one of the most popular brands. If you need your cards customized, this can be done relatively easily and without a lot of hassle. It gives you a great idea of what you can expect from the best proximity cards brands.


Offering a few simple solutions at an incredibly reasonable price, this brand tends to be taken for granted. From normal license-sized cards to small fobs, Keyscan consistently provides reliable solutions to accessing different buildings, areas, and equipment.


Perhaps the most recognizable name in its industry, HID is a top leader in high-quality proximity cards. Customers can purchase one of several different types with varying degrees of durability and access. Users can also choose from a good selection of layouts to create proximity badges that offer nearly unrivaled security and a minimized look.

RBH Access

Like many brands on this list, RBH focuses on functionality instead of appearance. With several options in badge types and keys, you can find a basic design that gets the job done without costing a lot for it to look a certain way. You can also choose a keytag if you want something that is easier to carry.


This brand offers a much wider range of options than most of the competitors, giving you a lot of room to make something that better meets your company’s look. It does tend to be more expensive since it takes aesthetics into account, but it doesn’t sacrifice security to achieve that look. Take the time to review their selection to determine if this is the right brand for your needs.


The name stands for Applied Wireless ID, and this is something that the company offers with numerous customizable styles. From keychain tools to more common badges to little wafers, you can choose something that will make accessing secured locations easier. Whether you want the card swiped or scanned, AWID has some pretty inventive ways of meeting proximity security needs.


Offering four solutions to your proximity card needs, Indala strives to provide customers with the right solution for various types of security needs. From badges that can be scanned to cards with stripes for swiping, Indala has earned a great reputation for reliability and durability. 

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