The Benefits of Using Employee ID Cards

Maybe you’ve seen them jangling on the hip of a morning commuter, or attached to a lanyard around the neck of someone walking down the street – ID cards are becoming more and more ubiquitous in businesses, and for good reason. There are businesses out there that get along fine without using ID cards, but they really are necessary in this day and age if you want a thriving, safe and profitable enterprise. They’re versatile, easy and provide a good return on investment.


Beyond the obvious benefit of managing who can and can’t enter your place of business, ID cards can also be used to promote employee accountability, boost productivity, reinforce your brand and help your customers identify with your employees. It’s strange to think that something as small as a plastic card can greatly benefit a business, but it’s true. This post will expand on a few of the benefits of employee ID cards.


First, the most obvious: ID cards allow you to restrict and manage access, preventing unauthorized people from either entering your place of business, or entering certain areas of the business. Even within a business, not everyone has access to everything, and ID cards are crucial if you want certain areas or information cordoned off to a select few. For this kind of sophistication, make sure you get your printer from an accredited seller of security products, and don’t be afraid to ask questions – you can find info at or ask them questions about what kind of setup you might need. 

Another benefit of ID cards, and this one’s a byproduct of the above benefit, is that since you’ve taken measures to ensure that no unauthorized people are allowed in your place of business, you’ve created a safer space for your employees. When people feel safe at work, the morale is just better; and when the morale is better, the output is better. ID cards that track location also keep employees safe in case of an emergency, like a fire. Employee whereabouts are so crucial in these cases, and can help firefighters or other first responders immensely.


But beyond safety benefits, they promote accountability and productivity at work. Recording entry and exit times using an ID badge ensures that employees don’t leave before they’re supposed to, which in turn creates an environment of better work standards. It also gives employees more of a sense of belonging when they see a card with their name, their face and the company’s name on it – it connects them with the business. And when they head home at the end of a workday, swinging their ID on their lanyard or their belt, they become brand ambassadors, promoting your business to everyone that sees it.


 Finally, if you own a business that deals with the public, like retail or hospitality, an ID card can really help customers connect with employees, putting a face and name to the business. This advances   customer service, which creates return customers and boosts ROI. That’s a lot of good you can fit in a little card. If your business isn’t using ID cards yet, it’s never too late to start!


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