Membership Cards: The Quick And Easy Way To Wow Your Customers

Whether you’re managing a gym, country club, golf course, spa or any other business that offers services through membership, you want to show members that they belong, and there’s no better way of accomplishing that than by giving them membership ID cards.


Not only does it have the potential to cement loyalty, but it also serves a few other important functions – namely, that it acts as free advertising, it offers helpful data, and it allows you to implement tiered membership easier by restricting certain areas. And for all it offers, it’s fairly straightforward and simple to put into effect – a quick perusal of can lead you to a professional ID card system in the time it takes for you to sign yet another customer in manually. But a little more about what they do:


Given the plethora of options available, customer loyalty is of paramount importance to a business. Giving customers a physical indication of their membership reminds them of your business every time they open up their purse or wallet, and helps them feel a sense of belonging. The “Exclusivity Principle”, referred to sometimes as “Velvet Rope Marketing” is the principle that making customers feel as though they’re “on the inside”, or “part of an exclusive club” is an enticing incentive to continue patronage. Plus – in the interest of total honesty – people probably like to scan cards and enter buildings because it makes you feel like you’re a government agent in a movie!


Membership cards also allow you to restrict certain areas. By customizing the cards, you can allow different access to different people. For instance, if you run a gym that has a basic membership and a premium membership, and say that the premium membership offers entrance to more amenities, like a spa, you’ll want membership ID cards to manage access. In the long run, it’s way cheaper than having someone physically man each door.


A lovely by-product of the ID Card system is that you now have your hands on a lot of useful data. What time of day, what day of the week do your customers come most often? When do they come the least? Add to that the fact that you can access their membership information as well, and you start to get a very good picture of the way your business functions. From there you can try to persuade people to come at less busy times by offering certain incentives, to manage the flow of people. It also helps immensely with staffing and scheduling, knowing when peak hours are in a week.

 Finally, yes, membership ID cards are pretty good advertisements. Every time one of your members opens their wallet or purse in public, like for instance when grabbing a credit card to pay for a meal, they inadvertently flash your business’ card – name, logo and all – for anyone to see. It’s not the most effective marketing strategy out there, and it certainly shouldn’t be your only marketing strategy, but it’s effective enough to bear mentioning. Whether you’re looking to modernize your business, or you just want to wow your customers, look into getting membership ID cards.


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