How to Select the Right School ID Cards

              The importance of having a valid and durable identification card is wide-reaching. Whether you work in corporate, or you’re one of the many who need access to facilities within the education sector – acquiring a workable system to track and grant access is necessary. Here’s what to consider when selecting School ID cards:

How Often Will Cards be Used?

If the answer is frequent, then you might need a more durable, long-lasting material to ensure the longevity and efficiency of your identification system. Keep in mind that card stock easily bends and can tear without much provocation. The moment card stock hits moisture, the fibers of the paper begin to weaken and you are left with a limp ID and perhaps blurred print. On the other hand, bend resistant PVC ID cards maintain their form well, despite spills or unintentional mishaps. Investing in a higher-quality solution the first time can ensure there won’t be a need for costly reprinting.

Who Will be Using the Cards?

You should  always take care of your things, right? Of course, but life happens to the best of us. Students and faculty who take extreme care of their personal items still have to deal with the unknowns. From natural wear and tear to the weather and repeated use of standard ID materials – these factors can wreak havoc on any responsible teen or adults’ ID. Consider all these when deciding what kind of ID card material to choose.

How Versatile Does It Need to be?

For day-to-day time stamping, a swipe of your card just requires a flick of the wrist. However, when school ID cards are used for various activities like campus food programs, attending school sporting events or to reserve a seat in the computer lab, cards should be multi-functional. IDs that can be attached to lanyards, are seen clearly through weather-proof sleeves, and are readily on-hand (around the neck or clipped on).

What it’s Most Important Function?

sense of security is invaluable. Providing clear pictures and incorporating graphics unique to the facility can be paramount to emergency situations. A duel-sided card that allows extra information be printed or encoded can give greater security and address safety issues. For less frequent usage, such as one-day visitor badges, a one-sided school ID card could suffice.

Implement a measurable and proven ID system for your facility today. Contact Avon Security Products for more! 

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