Top 7 Features of Photo ID Software

Your photo ID software can be core for client satisfaction, keeping queues moving and incorporating company loyalty programs. Although, today’s ID printers and cameras can produce incredible resolutions, there’s still a need for your software to produce more than just outstanding picture clarity. When selecting an ideal photo ID software for your needs, look for these features:


Identity theft is always a threat, so even if you’re printing something as simple as photo IDs, you may need applications with encryption technology. Encoding can be done through barcodes, smartcards, or magnetic stripes. If theft and other crimes are your chief concerns, you need access control systems that can handle biometric checks, which some ID printing programs offer. Canada’s ePassport technology has become the global standard, using tamper-proof electronic chips to maintain safety. ID software of this nature checks photographs against external databases. 

Processing the Perfect Picture

Artificial intelligence has reached a point where images can be automatically corrected, cropped, and aligned by ID photo suites. Even if staff members aren’t specialized in photography, they can still create ICAO-compliant pictures with the help of this kind of AI. This is an important consideration if you’re processing thousands, rather than hundreds, of cards a year. For busy resort businesses, you’ll need software to function quickly, so you might also require a barcode or smart card reader that integrates into your ID card software.

Your Brand

Your IDs are used by loyal clients, so they’re critical to your brand strength. For this reason, your photo ID software must give a range of attractive templates as well as good resolutions. An integrated program that manages your cardholder database, text formatting, and image importing would be more streamlined and economical to implement for business.

Human Resources Management

If your staff gains access through the same system as your clients, your photo ID software must integrate well with your human resources management needs. It should handle:

·         Payroll

·         Productivity

·         Time sheets

·        Security

·         Attendance tracking

Record Keeping

Without connectivity, your software can’t cross reference, import, or export information. Database management needs a refined strategy that functions well with the software and operating systems you use. Some software integrates with branded programs, and some broaden compatibility by integrating with programming languages and code instead. If you’re a new business, scalability is necessarily and the compatibility range of your ID software should grow with your resort.

Reservation Management and Vending

Your photo ID system can control the full gamut of your business, from parking to cashless vending. The latter lets you track your customer lifetime value, client behaviour, and spending habits. This way, you can reward frequent spenders and develop a more effective marketing campaign based on demographic information that most companies pay a fortune for.

Human Error

Staff who are working with thousands of passes a year are prone to error, but photo ID software can minimize this by automating signature capture and other processes.

Badging software acts as the brain of your ID management system, and it can become as sophisticated as you need it to be. It should fit your business needs both today and in the mid to long term future. Resort growth is inevitable, and with it comes increasingly demanding needs. It’s far more economical to choose the perfect system for your five-year projections than to replace a poorly chosen one later. Keep your eyes on your company’s goals, and you’ll find it easier to choose a system that suits you. 

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