Why Police ID Cards are so Important

Sometimes travelling a lot for business can lead to complications. The most unpleasant ones are linked to luggage mix ups. Missing your bags or having your luggage damaged can ruin the entire experience and make it impossible for you to take care of business.

Here’s a few more reasons high-quality police ID cards are a necessity:

Rapid Identification

Often, in troubled situations, calling the police is an instantaneous need. Being able to call and have them simply arrive to help is crucial to reducing the likelihood of losing a life and or damage to property. There’s also the emergency scenario of individuals being let into a building pretending to be police officers. For these reasons, police ID cards allow for rapid and secure identification of people who are indeed law enforcement officers. When adrenaline is flowing and danger is present, the last thing anyone wants to do is call the station to verify identity.

Virtual Elimination of Falsehood

Over the years, there’s been many cases of criminal activity that involve impersonating a police officer. With police ID cards, law enforcement teams can make this a lot harder to do. Since a lot of police badges look similar, replicating them is easier to do. However, when each department creates its own unique ID card design, this significantly lowers the likelihood of offenders being able to precisely replicate police identification.

Police ID Cards can be Highly Customized

From holographic overlay and magnetic strips to watermarks and RFID chips, police ID cards can be highly customized for particular security tasks. Sometimes circumstances call for a specialized group of officers to arrive on scene, or for a pre-selected team of “officers in training” to respond. In these cases, police ID cards make it a lot easier to ensure the right people are onsite and ready to assist. Keep in mind that when people need to verify the legitimacy of a police officer, they typically think of asking them to “show me your badge”. However, many people don’t realize how easy it is to get a hold of a generic police badge online, and most individuals would never know the difference between a real badge and one shown with false intent.

With police ID cards, officers ensure their identity with photo identification proof and department information on the back of the card. At Avon Security Products, we work with all kinds of organizations, and provide many ID card options. Contact us today to select the type of police ID cards you need for your department.

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