Why Get Custom Luggage Tags

Sometimes travelling a lot for business can lead to complications. The most unpleasant ones are linked to luggage mix ups. Missing your bags or having your luggage damaged can ruin the entire experience and make it impossible for you to take care of business.

The good news is, custom luggage tags are a viable solution to avoiding some of the most common issues travellers have to deal with. Here’s why:

Effortless Luggage Identification

   When you use custom luggage tags, it makes it ideal for quick and easy bag identification. This is particularly helpful for people who have standard suitcases (black colour, standard size). Custom luggage tags come in an array of different colors, and usually can be spotted from afar.  

Ideal for Group Travel

  Whether travelling with colleagues, or you’ve organized a trip for clients, providing a custom tag for each member demonstrates attention to detail and excellent customer service. This wonderful accessory can also be branded for increasing company recognition. Custom luggage tags are great for identifying which luggage bag belongs to which group member, and can help speed things up if you’re travelling on a fully-booked flight.

Easier Luggage Retrieval

Airplane companies do make mistakes when transporting luggage. Every frequent traveller can confirm that bags indeed, get lost or misdirected at the airport. In 2015, there were 23.1 million mishandled bags, the SITA statistics suggests. This means that roughly 7 out of 1000 bags were either misdirected or mistreated. If your bags go missing, the average timeframe passengers have to wait for retrieval is two days. This period of stress can be reduced by using custom luggage tags. Not only do these tags draw attention, but they provide the information needed for airport officials to quickly identify a misplaced bag.

Aesthetic Benefits

A final advantage worth mentioning is the aesthetic appeal of a custom luggage tag. The addition of a colourful or branded accessory to your suitcase helps you travel in style. It can also serve as a conversation starter or make a great gift idea for coworkers, business partners or clients. 

Something as simple as a small, plastic custom tag can increase travel efficiency and safety. Plus, they’re fun and generally inexpensive. Contact us to purchase your custom luggage tags today!

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