ID Card System Options for your Business

Today, ID card systems are more versatile than ever, offering businesses, hospitals, schools, government facilities and more a wide array of options. With a photo ID card system in place, the possibilities are only limited by your creative thinking and ingenuity. 

ID Card System for Business

Today, businesses must exist in an environment filled with ever changing demands. An identification card system helps businesses stay relevant with technology. Not only do these systems help businesses identify employees, it also provides an efficient and highly accurate way to track time. ID card systems are also ideal for allowing or denying access to secure areas and provide protection against unauthorized ID card reproduction. Best of all, plastic cards last exponentially longer than older laminated paper cards. You can add signature panels, holographic overlays, and even ghost photos as an added layer of security. 

Secure Schools

If your school budget is limited, it doesn’t mean you can’t have an effective photo identification card system in place. In a matter of fact, having a high volume in-house system can save the school a significant amount of money down the road. Whether it’s producing student ID cards, smart student cards, or student ID cards for library use, you can combine all of the campus uses into one card. For example, you can use your ID card system for faculty to monitor personal photocopying, computer lab printing, and more. When your school has unscheduled visitors, you can quickly produce an ID card, so you will always know who is walking the halls. 

Stay in Compliance

Several industries are mandated by the government and have certain security measures in place. Whether it’s for access or identification, an ID card system meets the needs. For example, HSPD-12 requires all government agency employees to have a smart card. On the other hand, the HITECH Act has its own set of security measures to protect medical records from breaches and nefarious individuals. With an ID card system, you can make sure your facility is in full compliance. Based on the needs of the organization and the mandates you must follow, an ID card system is the ideal solution.  

Customer Loyalty Programs

With a single ID card system, you can start and manage your very own customer loyalty program. In addition, you can store each customer’s purchases and spending activity to hyper focus your marketing efforts. Best of all, customers who carry your card are acting as a constant advertisement for your business. Instead of producing handwritten gift cards, you can use a card identification system printed with a magnetic strip to track who issued the card, when it was issued, and its value. 

Healthcare Industry

In the healthcare industry, convenient access and security are paramount. Patients and their families require peace-of-mind from the time they check-in until they check out. An identification card system provides this secure and hassle-free environment. Internally, you can use the card system to identify each employee and their title, so you can manage their access to medical documents, which will ensure federal compliance.

An ID card system offer several other benefits outside of the standard identification. Instead you can use it for time tracking, customer rewards, building access and much more. For more information on the many benefits of an ID card system, contact Avon Security Products today.

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