Increase Security with a Photo Identification Card

With an increased focus on security for businesses and schools, photo identification cards have become one of the premier solutions. These cards allow screeners at entrances to quickly determine whether the individual has credentials to enter the facility. Photo identification cards are a vital component of safe school environments or office buildings regardless of the industry. In a matter of fact, it’s extremely common for hospitals, schools and businesses to use photo identification. These simple and inexpensive tools offer a wide array of security benefits and versatility. 

Basic Identification

One of the top ways photo identification cards bolster security is basic identification. In any case, there are several students at your school or employees at your business. As a result, it can be difficult to know each person by their name. When they wear photo identification cards, you get to know the individual’s name and other details printed on the card. Employees that feel recognized by management and others within the organization will feel a sense of belonging, which will bolster morale. 

Access Control 

In any case, everyone within the organization may not need access to all rooms. When you use photo identification cards, you increase the security of your business with access control. Whether it is a complex access control computer system or a security guard, photo identification cards allow you to make sure you protect restricted areas. To use it with a computer based access control system, simply encode the cards with the correct barcode to give the employee access to the room. 


When you use photo identification cards equipped with barcodes, you can keep track of where your employees are. In the event there is a security breach or an event, you can check the log to see who was in the facility at the time of the incident. 

Manage Time

Another benefit of photo employee identification cards is they can be designed and used as a way of clocking in and out for payroll uses. When you use a magnetic stripe coding, smart card coding, or barcodes on the back of the card, employees can simply scan their card when they arrive and leave work. As a result, you will reduce the necessary paperwork required for clocking in and out, increase the accuracy of payroll reporting, while eventually reducing costs.  

Easy to Create and Design

In addition to an image of the employee or student, you can quickly implement several design elements into the photo identification card. Whether it’s a logo or any other image, you can implement this design with your photo identification card. 

Implementing a photo identification card system offers the business several benefits. When your business produces these cards with an in house identification card printer system, you can completely control the production, distribution and use throughout your organization. Regardless of the industry, custom identification cards offer several security and benefits for the business. 

With Avon’s identification card systems, your business will be equipped with everything necessary for designing and implementing an effective photo identification card program. The identification card systems come with a professional card printer, ID software and all of the printing supplies you need to get started. For more information about photo identification cards can bolster the security at your school or business, contact Avon Security Products today

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