Introducing The 2016 Javelin DNA ID Card System

Here at Avon Security Products, we’re proud to offer our customers the best products on the market, which is why we’re especially excited to show off our most recent item on the shelves, the 2016 Javelin DNA Photo ID Card System! This new ID card system features all of the best in modern printing technology, and would make for a fantastic addition in all card printing environments. From hospitals to public transit, private gyms and more, the Javelin DNA ID Card System beats the competition every time!

Javelin DNA ID Card System Benefits

The 2016 Javelin DNA ID Card System has a long list of capabilities and benefits unique to this machine.


The printing technology included in this ID card system is state of the art. The printer can issue cards instantly, with direct to card dye sublimation and resin thermal transfer. This means that the card will be printed immediately, making for a perfectly smooth application; there will be no time delays or glitches that causes images to warp or distort. With edge to edge printing and 16.7 million colour possibilities, the card will come out perfect every time.

Machine Characteristics

Outside of the printing abilities of the Javelin DNA ID Card System, the machine itself is an incredibly modern piece of technology. The original version weighs just 3.7 kg, and the automatic variation 4.5 kg; it is also incredibly compact and space saving, measuring at 228mm height, 184 mm width, 306mm depth with an additional 60mm in depth if choosing the automatic feed version.


The Javelin DNA ID Card System comes in a number of variations to meet the specific needs of your business. The ID card system comes in both single and dual sided printing options, allowing you to print the exact card you need; better yet, the system is upgradable at all times should you require different printing options. Another helpful option is that the Javelin DNA ID Card System comes in both manual and automatic feed options. The manual feed option requires a person to insert the card to be printed, whereas the automatic feed will automatically choose a card from the holding hopper and complete the printing process without human intervention.

Additional Features

The Javelin DNA ID Card System comes with a variety of add-ons that can be purchased to customize your printing experience. Include a Wi-Fi capability to avoid tangled internet and connection cables; upgrade from a single sided to dual sided printer to simply print on both sides of the card at the same time; add an additional hopper to your automatic feed to increase the card holding capacity from 100 to 200.

The Javelin DNA ID Card System is a significant advancement in the ID card printing industry, and will easily advance your current in-house card printing process. For more information on this system, take a look at the product page, or contact a member of the Avon Security Products team directly today!

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