Industries and Venues that Can Benefit From Self-Expiring Badges

Self-expiring badges provide one additional layer of security if you frequently have visitors inside of your property for single events or short-term contracts. Music venues, theaters, convention centers and short term office spaces can benefit from the use of self-expiring badges because it restricts the access that anyone can have to the property once their event has come to an end. Concert Venues and Theaters In most cases concert venues and theaters experience high traffic for only a few hours surrounding a single event. During the time that these events are taking place, ticket holders are generally free to move in and out of the theater, going out to smoke or answer phone calls away from the noise and other audience members. However, you don’t want those people to come back the next day and still be able to access the property. Using self-expiring badges that clearly display a “void” image after 24 hours will keep people from repeatedly getting through security.

Convention Centers and Hotels

Convention centers and hotels that host conventions can also expect to see large numbers of people coming and going for two to three days at a time. However, most conventions sell single day and full weekend passes for different rates. In this case, the use of self-expiring badges can be extremely useful to differentiate customers who only paid for one day and those who paid for multiple days. Visitors who only paid for a Saturday pass will not be able to get in on Sunday because their badge would have expired on its own. This makes it easy to spot anyone trying to sneak in

Outdoor Festivals and Carnivals

There are many traveling circuses, outdoor carnivals and festivals that are hard to manage due to the sheer number of people present. Some carnivals and festivals sell unlimited passes to attractions for a single day as opposed to using tickets or punch cards, especially when there is no entry fee at the gates. Over the course of 24 hours a void image will slowly appear in the background of the badge until it is clearly visible and the pass is no longer valid.

Office Complexes and Industrial Areas

Even office complexes and industrial parks can benefit from the use of self-expiring badges. Any time you have a group of job candidates, school tours or other corporate visitors on your site, self-expiring badges will help you control their access to your warehouses, manufacturing facilities and inner offices. Once their interviews are done, or the tour has been completed, you won’t have to worry that they can come back in the future using the same badge. Self-expiring badges provide a simple solution to short-term crowd control in nearly any environment. While many of these industries deal with irregular influxes of people coming and going all at once, regular day to day office tasks are also in need of security measures that keep people from reusing badges beyond the scope of the event they were approved to attend. To get your self expiring badges, contact us at Avon Security Products today!

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