Should Employee ID Badges Expire?

Employee ID badges are more important than ever before. These badges help you keep track of your employees, they offer a higher sense of security and promote professionalism. However at some point, you have to wonder if and when employee ID badges expire and what you should do when they do.

Most companies give employees some type of identification, and more often than not, it is an employee ID badge with a name, employee number and photograph. These badges offer a simple way to identify members of your staff, and they can help clients and customers determine who works for your company when they require assistance.

Expiring Badges Ensure Information is Current

There are a number of valid reasons for these IDs to expire at some point. First, issuing ID cards that expire help to ensure that the information on them is always current. A lot can happen in a year’s time, which is the typical time a badge is valid for, and ensuring that the ID expires annually helps to keep this information as current as possible. You can also easily see information about this employee at a glance, including information such as their job title or employee number.

Expiring Badges Help to Keep Staff Safe

Another reason an employee ID badge should expire is to keep your staff safe. Consider, for instance, that an employee is terminated or quits. Technically the employee could use that badge to possibly access the building, certain records, important data or worse. If these IDs expire however, the odds that a former employee could use them is much lower as it is more difficult to gain access with an expired identification.

Employee ID Badges Can Expire Early or Not At All

Just are there are a number of compelling reasons for an employee ID badge to expire annually, there are also reasons for an employer to have the ID badge expire early or not at all.

Updating Employee ID Badges Early is Good Practice

For example, if an employee changes jobs or gets a new job title they must have get an updated ID, even if it is not expired yet. Another exception to the annual update is if an employee gets a new name, such as when an employee gets married. Finally, a new employee ID badge should be given if an employee drastically changes their appearance, such as a change of hair colour, cosmetic surgery or other change. Again, making these changes ensures that the company always has information that is current on every employee.

There are many benefits to having employee ID badges for your business, and there are even more good reasons for updating this information annually. If you are an owner or manager of a company that uses employee ID badges, make sure to have them expire and update them each year. To get the best ID printer on the market, contact us at Avon Security Products today!

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