More Than Security: Why Every Corporate Event Should Use ID Cards

A corporate event means different things to different people. For a marketing department, it can be a way to generate leads or draw attention to a new product. For management, it can be a team-building experience, to ultimately boost productivity and teamwork. And for everyone involved, it can be an opportunity to network among partners, employees and clients.


There’s no doubt that these events should make use of ID badges. The most obvious reason here is security: by requiring everyone to wear a badge with their name (and, potentially, a photo) on it, event planners and physical security ensure that any unwanted outsiders are easily, swiftly recognized, and asked to leave. This creates a fundamental, safe basis upon which the event can take place, and without it an event wouldn’t be the same. But security isn’t the only reason corporate events use ID badges. Here at Avon Security Products we communicate with content event planners regularly, who share with us the added benefits of using the badges and printers we offer.


Legitimizing The Event

You can tell a lot about an event by the way it forces people to dress and interact. If you see someone and jeans, a t-shirt and one of those dollar-store stickers that says, “Hello, My Name Is…”, you might rightly assume you’re at an unimportant, casual event. If, on the other hand, event attendees are made to wear ID cards, complete with branded lanyards and cases, that sends a strong message that this event is legitimate, important and professional.


Facilitating Networking

The proper way to make an introduction will always be with a pleasant handshake and an exchange of words, but at busy corporate events it can be immensely helpful to streamline this process. Making everyone’s name (and information) visible, you’ve provided attendees both a handy icebreaker and a way of memorably connecting with one another. Whatever your specific corporate event is for, chances are communication factors heavily into its goals! To help print enough cards for a large crowd, learn about the Polaroid ID Card Systems we offer at Avon Security Products, either by checking out our website or getting in touch with us.

Reinforcing The Company Brand

Those aforementioned lanyards are not only important for legitimizing an event – they also help reinforce your brand. The more things you can have to bear your company name and logo, the better, as it creates constant visual reinforcement. It may seem small, but especially for events whose purpose is to market a new product, these reinforcements of key value.


Sharing QR Codes

Certain cards and card readers these days carry the ability to print and share QR codes. What’s a QR code, you might wonder? Well, if you’ve ever seen those black, pixelated boxes on sports tickets, train tickets or on some virtual stores, you’ve seen a QR code, and they are, put simply, a kind of barcode that can be read by a smartphone. They have become popular at corporate events because they can be integrated into a badge and scanned to launch a website, making them an effective marketing tool, especially at events that bring together different business or clients. If you’re curious about this, or any other function, you can contact us anytime through our website and we will venture to answer your question swiftly and thoroughly.


As you can plainly see, ID badges at corporate events aren’t just about maintaining security. Although they provide a requisite atmosphere of safety, they can also be leveraged as a marketing tool, an icebreaker and a beacon of professionalism.

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