Your Guide To The Amazing Polaroid Printers

It’s worthwhile every now and again to spotlight a particular brand, to show off their unique contribution to the world of ID security and detail the ways in which their products exceed users’ expectations. Here we’ve decided to focus on the amazing line of Polaroid ID card printers – also known as Valid printers – which are some of the most sophisticated, easy-to-use and reasonably priced ID systems out there.

You probably know Polaroid from their ubiquitous, quick-print cameras we all used when we were younger, those photos we would shake until the picture became clear. Well, they took that same principle of instant results and applied it to ID cards, creating a card printer that is every bit as gratifying as a polaroid camera, but with the power, efficiency and crisp image quality of a top-shelf printer. At Avon Security Products we’re thrilled to offer a range of Polaroid products. Here are four incredible Polaroid printers – what they do, why they’re special and how they can help your business.

Polaroid P2500S ID Card Printer

Look ahead to the other entries in this list and you’ll notice a trend, a number that ascends with each printer, and that roughly corresponds to the size and power of the machine. We start with the P2500S, a perfect printer for a small to medium sized business, that prints one-sided cards in a single-card feed that are crisp, clear and edge-to-edge. It offers both a magstripe encoder and smart card encoder, as well as five watermarks to choose from for added security.

Polaroid/Valid P3500S ID Card Printer

Next up, we have the single sided Polaroid/Valid P3500S ID Card System – new for 2018 and offering innovative features, this is a card printer that we at Avon Security Products get excited about. Where to start? First of all, the P3500S is environmentally friendly. It has Energy Star certification, indicating its power efficiency, and it uses biodegradable ribbon cores, recycled material construction and a power down button to save on energy. It matches that eco-friendliness with innovative technological benefits as well, as it’s compatible with all Windows versions and offers Ethernet and USB connectivity. In short, it saves energy and it’s a cinch to use.

Polaroid/Valid P4500S ID Card Printer

If you’re printing in batches, it’s difficult to beat the 100-card hopper you’ll find on the P4500S. With no additional tools – simply a specially coded dye film – you can also upgrade the P4500S from a single-sided printer to a double-sided, for those ID cards that require front and back coverage. It has an LCD display that offers straightforward prompts and menu selections, and follows that straightforwardness with an easy-to-use, single-card slot for one-off printing.

Polaroid/Valid P5500S ID Card Printer

Then it’s on to the Big Kahuna, the P5500S, double-sided ID card printer, a perfect choice for medium to large businesses looking to streamline the ID printing process. With a speedy printing time of 18 seconds for a colour card (and 4 seconds for a mono card), the P5500S will get the job done briskly without ever sacrificing image quality. The printer offers hi-res, vibrant colours using Microsoft’s unparalleled sRGB colour matching. It also offers the same connectivity, compatibility and Power Star certification as the P3500S above, making it another eco-friendly choice. We offer a huge selection of ID card printers here at Avon Security Products, but it’s tough to beat the efficiency, grace, usability and energy efficiency of the Polaroid P5500S.

Polaroid doesn’t just make amazing cameras. They’re producing some of the most inventive, cutting-edge ID card printers out there, helping businesses just like yours create superior cards while saving on power and time. That’s something to celebrate.

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