Plastic ID Cards: The Full Package

When we hear from new customers, they’re reaching out for a security solution. Our ID printers help business owners keep tight control over their premises, providing an affordable yet sophisticated management tool for a variety of industries.

With such a focus, they may not be aware of the other perks our ID card systems provide, making it our pleasure to share our printers’ full capabilities.

Whatever brand or model you choose, you can expect more than just security when you come to Avon Security Products. Our cards are the full package.

Convenient and Efficient Entry

Inefficiencies create costly problems. An outdated ID printer may take a long time to produce visitor badges or worse, print cards with imperfections. These issues don’t reflect well on your business, especially when you only have seven seconds to make a first impression.

Meanwhile, technical difficulties may interfere with your employees doing their job. When you pay your staff an hourly rate, anything that ties up your employees moving through security checkpoints will cost you money.

A few seconds here, a minute there — it all adds up to make a sizable dent in your bottom line.

Upgrading your printer to one of our ID card systems streamlines staff and visitor entry and saves you a considerable amount of money.

Track Employee Time and Attendance

Our ID card systems allow you to monitor when each employee clocks in and out, not only keeping accurate time and attendance data for your records but also preventing time theft.

Our systems can also show when your employees flash their ID badges at specific security checkpoints, so you may know where and when they are at all times.

Your printer stores these details for later review — whether at tax time or when a security breach requires a thorough investigation.

A Solution to Modern Healthcare Concerns

The pandemic turned the business world on its head. Here in Canada, homegrown companies are still adapting to the new normal. They’re learning how they can keep their doors open without compromising everyone’s health.

Staggered shifts and individual workstations are popular de-densification tricks that ensure fewer people are in the office at any given time. They make it easier for employees to stay six feet apart when telecommuting isn’t possible.

There’s no better time to upgrade to prox ID cards. These contactless ID badges don’t require your employees to touch shared surfaces.

A Branding Opportunity

Pair an ID card with one of our security badge products like a retractable lanyard or badge reel, and you have a free marketing opportunity.

These accessories make it easy for your employees to keep their ID cards on them at all times, including when they aren’t on your premises. Their badge hanging from a custom lanyard will accompany them to the coffee shop on their lunch break or the grocery store on their way home from work.

Get the Full Package

Here at Avon Security Products, we provide peace of mind. That means our ID badges do more than strengthen your security. They provide the full package: branding, safety, time tracking, and efficiency. If this sounds like something your business could use, get in touch with us today!

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