Pre-Printed Cards or A Complete Security System: How to Decide

Security ID cards can provide an excellent way to increase the security of your business by allowing you to keep better track of your employees and prevent unauthorized access to sensitive areas, but they can also provide a variety of other services. Whatever the reason that you’re deciding to invest in security ID cards, it’s important that you go with a well-established professional company, like Avon Security Products, where you can find all the options you need and advice on every step of the process.

Responding to Your Needs   

One of the first decisions you’ll need to make when investing in a security card option is whether you will need a complete security ID card printing system or whether it will be sufficient to order pre-printed cards. While either option will provide you with one of the most cost-effective and secure systems available to a company of any size, it’s important that you take the time to ensure that your purchase makes the most sense for your needs – and we’re here to help!

What You Get with Pre-Printed Cards

What you get with the custom printing option will be a set number of high-quality PVC cards that can contain your company information and any images that you would like on your printed cards. This option is best for any cards you require that can be used in a generic fashion, rather than for uses that require personalized information on each separate card. Some of the uses that are common for such purposes include:

  • PVC Business Cards
  • Membership Cards
  • Loyalty Cards
  • Gift Cards

Your Complete Security Card Printing System    

If you’re looking for a security system to provide your employees with ID badges, then you’re going to need a system that can offer two qualities that pre-printed cards do not offer:


1)     Personalization

2)     Enhanced Security Features


With your own ID card printing system, you can easily accommodate your staff with security ID cards or badges that are custom made for each person. This feature is absolutely essential for any security system to properly function so that unwanted guests do not gain access to areas where they are not authorized to be. The features of an advanced security system are too vast to detail here, but you can click here to learn more about what security ID systems have to offer.

Custom Software and Accessories 

One of the perks that you’ll receive when you invest in your own complete security ID card printing system is ID card printing software that will give you more control over how your cards are designed and allow you to make personalized adjustments. You can also order useful accessories like custom lanyards made in Canada that can carry your company name and logo.

Pre-printed with Your Image

If you’re still having trouble deciding which option is right for you, you may be interested in going for a middle-of-the-road option like having cards pre-printed with you company logo or any other graphics you desire, but that allow for the addition of custom information, such as employee names.

Avon Security Products can supply you with whatever solution will work best for your security ID card needs, but for the majority of situations we recommend that companies invest in a complete security ID card printing solution.

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