How it’s Made: Digital Security ID Cards – Part One

Products made for exceptional security systems require the highest quality in materials. Short lifespans mean that components require replacement more often and that causes a greater likelihood for compromises within even the most advanced and impenetrable of security systems.

That’s why digital security ID cards must be made from only the best materials to ensure longer product lifespans, efficient cost, and unsurpassable protection of a properly functioning system for the safety of your company, employees, and customers. This following information will provide everything you need to learn about PVC ID cards such as what materials they are made from and why those materials are used.

The Nuts and Bolts


What materials are security ID cards made from and why are these the best quality materials to ensure a well-functioning system? When you’re looking to buy plastic security badge printers here at your source of security badge printers – Avon Security Products – you’ll only find the best quality machines in the industry, and that includes all of the materials that go into the making of security cards themselves.

High-Quality PVC

Polyvinyl Chloride, or PVC, is a very strong and versatile synthetic plastic polymer. As the third most widely-used synthetic in the world, it is abundantly used in an extraordinary number of ways. In its rigid form, PVC is used in plumbing, packaging, water-resistant fabrics and, importantly, security ID cards.

A High Quality and Versatile Material


It isn’t just security ID aren’t the only cards that are made of PVC, but the majority of all banking cards and various kinds of membership cards are made of this material as well. PVC is also used for things like:


·       Signage

·       Building and Construction Materials

·       Piping

·       Residential Siding


PVC is also available in another less rigid form that is much more pliable and can be used for things like:


·       Blood Bags

·       Plastic Wrap

·       Flexible Wall Covering


It can be clear or printed with virtually any colour, which is part of the reason why it is as ubiquitous as it is.


Why PVC Instead of Other Plastics?


PVC isn’t only used because it is durable, versatile and inexpensive, it’s also an excellent option in comparison to other plastics because it’s easier to recycle than other plastics.

Security ID Cards: The Finished Product

The great thing about a security ID card system is that it allows you to design and print on blank cards so that there’s no need to cut the PVC materials yourself. Your finished cards will be about the size of a standard credit card. From there, you simply need to decide the security options that you require for your company cards. Some of these include:


·       Adhesive-backed Cards

·       Magnetic Stripe Cards

·       Cards with Signature Panels

·       Barcodes

·       Sequential Number Encoding


When you’re investing in a top-of-the-line security system for your company, it doesn’t hurt to know a little something about how it’s made and how it works. Stay tuned to our feature blog for more information and, as always, when you’re deciding on a security printing system for your company, you can get the answers to any questions you need by contacting us here at Avon Security Products. 

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