Spotlight on the Security Features of ID Card Printing Systems

Whether or not you’ve already invested in a security ID card printing system, you may not be aware of the extent of features that they have to offer. That’s why it’s important to learn more in-depth information on exactly what security ID cards are and how to use them effectively. In this spotlight, three security features are covered in some detail.


Proximity Cards and Contactless Readers

While some of the digital features of security ID cards exist for the primary purpose of increasing their level of security capabilities, others make them more convenient for your employees to use. The purpose of the contactless cards and readers that are provided by a
proximity card supplier like industry leader Avon Security Products is to fulfill both of these requirements by providing employees with a simple and quick way to gain access to their work environment that also uses heavily encrypted digital technology.

Proximity ID cards may seem to work like magic, but two proximity card advantages are that they are easy to use while they also offer one of the most commonly used and secure digital security technology systems available. 

Employee Management System

When you have the ability to quickly and easily issue a personalized ID card to every employee in your company, you gain more control over monitoring activity at your place of business. This type of advanced employee management system can provide a number of attractive security capabilities, including:


1)     Limiting access to sensitive areas

2)     Keeping track of everyone who accesses your company

3)     Recording their time of use

Advanced Visitor Access and Tracking

A professional level security ID card printer can also grant you the option to issue visitor passes on the spot to anyone who will be accessing your location on a temporary basis. One of the reasons that visitor passes are an important part of your security system as a whole is that they ensure that no person will come or go from your premises that are not issued a pass. 

Another way that visitor passes to enhance the security on your site is that they can be programmed to expire at a set point in time, so that no security ID card may be reused after they are no longer valid.

Beyond Security

Part of what makes digital ID cards so secure it that they are extremely difficult to override or counterfeit. Beyond their security uses, some companies use their cards for uses that extend beyond the prevue of professional security, such as company branding or to boost team morale with company branding. 

When you invest in a high-calibre security system for your company, it’s important that you continue to learn more about how it can be used to offer you a reliable security option. When it comes to security systems, the more you know the safer you are. Contact Avon Security Products today to learn more about what security ID card printing system will work best for you.

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