Proximity Card Readers are About More than Convenience

For many industries, investing in a security ID card printer is a preventative measure that allows a company to gain better management of its personnel. While no one expects to encounter criminal activity on their property, it’s important to remain aware of ongoing risks that an ID card system can help to deter – especially when your business keeps valuable assets on hand. That’s when extra security features like proximity card readers can prove essential. 

Proximity Card Readers and Convenience

While it’s true that a proximity card reader is a professional security feature that can help any organization to prevent and circumvent nefarious activity, there’s also a reason why so many people think about convenience first when considering an upgrade to include this feature. That’s because such technology allows employees to easily access their access cards and quickly pass through entranceways with even the highest levels of security installed.


Saving Money through Better Efficiency

When you’re paying your employees by the hour, providing them with a quicker means to access security points properly can save your company a large amount of money over the course of a year. It also means that your security system doesn’t become an annoying hindrance to your workers, which helps to build their confidence in the system and instills a better image of the company as a whole – you can learn more about how proximity cards work to get a better sense of how they can help your security system to function more efficiently.

How to Choose a Security ID Printing System

The number one thing that determines what kind of security ID printer is best suited to the needs of your company is the size of your employee base, but that’s not the end of the story. Other factors that can have a crucial role to play in ensuring that you get the most out of your security system include: 


·      How Fast Your Company is Growing

·      How Frequently You Expect Visitors on Your Property

·      Your Current Security Risks


Luckily, the decision to upgrade to a proximity card reader, doesn’t mean that you’ll spend more time creating new cards for your growing company. Proximity cards are very affordable as well. For example, check out how easily you can get a hundred pack of blank HID proximity cards today for your upgraded system.


Preventing Security Breaches

There are a few reasons that proximity cards can bring more reliable security capabilities to your ID card printing system. For example, you can block fake ID cards with a proximity reader system because it necessitates that an encrypted digital communication occurs between your card and the proximity reader in order for anyone to gain access to the premises.


Convenience Also Means a High Security

 The fact that proximity cards are so quick and easy to use actually itself translates directly to increased security. That’s because employees and other personnel tend to use their security ID cards correctly more often when the system isn’t frustrating them by interrupting their ability to get to work. 

The best way to learn how efficient and reliable proximity card readers are is to experience them in action. Consider upgrading to a security ID card reader with a proximity card reader, so that your business will be safer and more effective!

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