Review: The Many Uses of PVC Security Cards

While there are many excellent reasons to consider investing in a PVC security card printing system for your place of business – such as cost, effectivity, company branding or employee management – the following review is focused on the PVC cards themselves, how they work and why they provide the most effective material for such a system.


What are PVC Security Cards?


PVC, or Polyvinyl Chloride, is a highly durable material used in making ID cards that you can design and print for use in a security system at a public or private location, which requires limiting access to sensitive areas. Besides being durable – lasting effectively for up to 8 years – PVC security cards allow for high-resolution printing, including options like holographic printing for increased protection against counterfeiting.



Why are PVC Security Badges Superior?


It only takes a small amount of experience operating a PVC ID card printing machine in order to get a thorough sense of all of the benefits of PVC cards and why they are used for these systems rather than another type of technology. Some of these benefits are only possible due to the nature of the material that these cards are made from.


Due to its durability and versatility as a hard plastic, PVC is used to manufacture an enormous amount of different products, including:


·       Pipes for Household Plumbing

·       Medical Equipment

·       Toys

·       Siding and Windows

·       Wire and Cables

·       Packaging for Food

It is due to this versatility that cards made from PVC can offer such high standards in protective technology and also provide companies with one of the most cost-effective security solutions available today. That’s because the PVC material is bonded together by many layers with adhesives and pressure, which allows for compatibility with many different types of protective technology, such as those used in bank cards and identification badges in a wide-spread assortment of government and private organizations.


What Kind of Features Do PVC Cards Offer?


When the PVC cards have been printed and incorporated into a system for use by a company, they can include a variety of different protective options. The specific options that are available for your system include:


·       Contactless Digital Reading

·       Magnetic Strips

·       Colour and Photo Printing

·       Holographic Lamination

·       Overlay Protection

·       Smart Chips with Data Encoding


If you’re interested in including any of these features in a security ID printing system for your location or would like to get some advice on determining which kind of printer will work best for your company, you can click here to get in touch with a security expert who can help.


Bringing better security to any business today requires experts who have the knowledge to stay one step ahead of the latest criminal activities. PVC security cards use a common material in order to integrate the most secure kinds of technology into a system that is versatile and easy to use.


In sum, PVC offers an affordable and dependable option for the manufacture of blank security cards that can be designed and printed individually so that companies can have more control over managing their security.

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