Should You Invest in Coloured or Clear Plastic Name Tag Holders

Maintaining a balance of professionalism and organization is key in making any event, function or social gathering a raving success! From class reunions to government meetings, each event or professional atmosphere requires numerous practical and multi-functional moving parts to allow the event to run smoothly. Plastic name tag holders are the go-to accessories for any formal or casual get together. University students, party goers, government officials, and even office employees look to clear or colored plastic name tag holders to recognize and identify each person as their own unique individual.

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Why choose colored name tag/badge holders? Here are a few eye-catching reasons.

Color is a great tool for sorting. Various groups, teams or individuals can have corresponding colors that allow for event leaders, attendees or even the errant passerby to distinguish each attendant’s position, personal contribution or interest.

For those who like to display their own unique and colorful personality, event attendees can take advantage of brightly colored name tag holders and customize their look. 

Some events coordinate table settings, workshops and even group leaders to a certain color. Colored name tag holders fulfill functionality and formal flare with simplistic and hassle-free ease.


It’s clear as day, literally. Clear name tag holders are simple but mighty sorters for those who utilize these functional tools of sorting.

Large bold print highlighted behind transparent durable plastic coaxes the eye and declares undeniable intent. If your event needs simple and straight-forward clear plastic covers brings clarity to any function.

Do you need a touch of formal to bring your event full-circle? When you provide your guests with convenient and easy to use plastic name tag holders, any attendant will feel like a valued individual and part of something bigger. With customization options such as rigid or thinner plastic name tag holders, the clear plastic will help to preserve names and any other pertinent information that is required for a successful event.

Your Choice

Preferences are highly circumstantial and such is the case with colored or clear plastic name tag holders. If you feel color coordinated name tags are the perfect way to bring functionality and a touch of creativity to your event, it’s the best choice for you! For those who would forgo the color choice for the simpler yet still professional clear name tag holders, just do it! There is no clear winner, whatever the choice it’ll be the right one. Find out more by clicking here and let Avon Security Products ensure that any event you plan finishes with a standing ovation!

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