Avoid Damaging Clothing with Magnetic ID Badge Holders

ID badge holders bring professionalism to any social gathering or workplace. They hold the key for others to understand and recognize your role at your job and also identify who you are to guests during formal and informal events. Without the proper identification, you become just a nameless face in a crowd. Your name or title allows you to garner the recognition you need to become successful in any venture.

The classic pin in place badge holder can destroy clothing and become a reoccurring problem. Nothing says sloppy or unkempt like clothing with tears, sadly sticking a pin through your stylish and professional blazer is asking for disaster. They also have that terrible propensity to catch on to things such as stray fabrics. ID badge holders should never inconvenience you and wreak havoc on your wardrobe. Magnetic ID badge holders are the easy solution.

Nothing brings aggravation more than clip-on badge holders. Your neatly pressed button up shirt, or classic silk blouse are the first victims to clip-on wrinkling. The odd little fabric lip that extends over your torso because of a metal clip is a fashion faux pas just waiting to happen. Your clothes don’t deserve that kind of treatment and neither do you! First impressions are everything in the business world and in all matters of socialization. Magnetic ID badge holders help to ensure the persona you give off to your clients, peers or other associates is a confident and capable one. 

Sticking a Pin in the Competition

High-profile clients, executives, and social peers often demand your very best. How can you be at your best without looking the part and feeling comfortable in your own skin? The magic in magnetic ID badge holders lies in their functionality, their simple solution to solving a multitude of wardrobe malfunction problems. Badge holders that dangle look less professional, often becoming crooked, and hang at awkward angles. Other types of badge holders can feel cumbersome and weighty; a magnetic ID badge holder provides the proper support and movement, so that you may forget you are even wearing an ID badge!

Do you find yourself struggling over your next wardrobe choice for fear your ID badge holder will do damage to the fabric? Are you worried that your antiquated ID holder will make you appear less than at your professional best? Magnetic ID badge holders bring the advantages of streamline and sleek to you.  To discover how magnetic ID badge holders can keep you looking professional and put together no matter what the occasion calls for, contact us at Avon Security Products today!

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