Smart Security Solutions For Your Innovative Business

Do you think your business is too small to attract burglars and hackers? Often, the news only features security breaches in large corporations. This doesn’t mean, however, that smaller companies are not vulnerable. The lack of a security system makes them easy targets.

Regardless of company size, security is something every business should take seriously. Those who think of it as an option and not as a necessity are putting their safety, assets, and revenue at risk. When it comes to business security, being proactive is the key.

Relying on traditional security measures is no longer enough these days. You have to invest in advanced security solutions, like smart card technology with a plastic card printer, as an added security solution. Read on to find out how this can help increase security to your business.

The Role of Smart and Access Cards in Business Security Systems in Canada

Controlling access to your facility and assets is a security measure you can’t do without these days. The primary goal of access control is to reduce and restrict the entry of unauthorized personnel. For people to gain access to facilities and assets, companies have to use an identifier, such as an ID card or proximity badge.

Traditional Access Control

In the past, companies relied solely on security officers and plain employee identification badges to grant access to offices and company grounds. Smaller organizations also  relied on old-fashioned locks and keys to protect their businesses. These traditional methods of securing your property and assets have several flaws and limitations.

For starters, having one security officer at every entry point can be costly. This method is also more susceptible to breaches due to human error. The same applies to traditional locks and keys. If one of your staff loses a key, you have to replace not only the lock but also all the keys to that entry point.

This costly yet necessary move ensures that you eliminate the possibility of someone from outside your organization using the misplaced key. This also gives members of your staff easy access to your facility without compromising on security. Unfortunately, even with new keys and locks, people who know how to pick locks and jimmy open doors can still gain access to your business.

Smart Access Control

To keep your business safe from the possibility of break-ins, you need smart security solutions. These include smart locks, wireless sensors, and other smart access control options. Smart security solutions allow you to not only keep your business safe but to also monitor everything that goes on inside and outside.

There are lots of great security system options for you to choose from. One example of this is the system that uses smart access cards. These cards allow businesses to restrict as well as allow access to both physical and virtual resources. These grant users access to specific areas of facilities and the company’s servers based on the level of authority that’s on the card.

Types of Smart and Access Cards

A smart card is a standard plastic card that contains a computer chip. This chip is programmable and can carry the cardholder’s personal information as well as their accessibility permissions. Used together with other smart alarm systems, these cards can allow or restrict access based on the level of accessibility the cardholder has.

Smart cards can use what’s called a two-factor authentication. This requires the person to insert the card into a reader and to type in a PIN or to use biometrics before they can gain access to a room or a virtual asset.

There are also smart cards that are considered contactless. It’s a safer and cleaner access option, given the possibility of viruses, like the Covid-19 virus, surviving for hours on surfaces. Individuals simply need to tap or flash their contactless card from a short distance to gain access to certain areas in a building.

There are different types of smart and access cards for you to choose from. These include the following:

Integrated Circuit Microprocessor Cards

These cards provide greater memory storage and security for large amounts of data. These are also programmable, which means that it’s possible to add, delete or manipulate the information in the card’s memory. This option is the most suitable smart card security system for employee identification cards.

Integrated Circuit Memory Cards

This is a type of card that has a lower memory capacity. You can store, read and write data on these cards, but because they don’t have a data-manipulating processor, you can’t modify them. These cards are dependent on a card-reading device to process data. This type of smart card might not be ideal for business security systems.

Optical Memory Cards

This card type doesn’t carry a processor in it, but rather, cards like this use a laser to read and write information into the card. It’s impossible to delete or replace any written data on this type of card. That’s why these only work best for recordkeeping purposes, such as for medical files or driving records.

Benefits of Smart and Access Cards for Smart Security Solutions for Businesses

In addition to video cameras, smart access cards are excellent for strengthening office security. However, this business security system doesn’t only apply to physical access. It can also keep your company’s wi-fi network, email address, text messages,  and other digital information secure and more protected.

Here are a few more benefits you can get with the use of smart and access cards for your business:

Enhanced Visitor Management

Managing on-site visitors is necessary to maintain the safety and security of your business. Yet, even with an indoor security camera keeping track of everyone going in and out of your building, maintaining a high level of security can be tricky.

Smart cards make it easier to monitor who comes and goes. It tells you who enters your building and for how long. These cards are also programmable, so you can activate and deactivate them whenever you need to.

Integration To Other Security Systems

Smart and access cards are flexible so it’s possible to integrate them into a wide range of security systems. You can use smart cards with different technologies like HID proximity card readers or biometric systems.

Better Business Insights

Smart and access cards allow you to know where your employees are. They also let you detect what they’re accessing at certain times of the day. It gives you a better insight into your daily operations than relying on indoor cameras alone. You can make more informed decisions around business performance and growth with the help of these cards.


Pro Tip

When looking for smart security systems, check if they are using high-quality tools and offer 27/7 professional monitoring.


Looking for Smart Security Solutions for Your Business?

Smart card technology is a great security solution for every type of business. But before implementing it, check on your current business security system first. What’s right for one company may not be suitable for you. Avon Security Products can help you understand your business challenges. We can find the most appropriate smart security solutions for your unique needs.

Protect yourself from possible dangers with a smart security system provided by Avon Security Products. Contact us today for more details.

FAQs on Smart Security Solutions For Your Innovative Business

What things should you consider when incorporating proper identification into your security systems?

Incorporating proper identification into your security systems involves some considerations. Start by identifying who enters and leaves your premises. These can be employees, contractors, or visitors.

Next, determine who should be in your facility on certain hours and who are only visiting. Also, consider what areas and assets need restricted access. Take into account the specific times that employees can gain access to them.

How can ID cards increase building security?

ID cards provide several security measures to your facility. It’s easier to distinguish between employees and visitors. Identifying the individuals entering the facility can lower the likelihood of unauthorized access. This is why it’s vital to ensure that your ID cards have high-level security features.

How can remote monitoring and control protect your business?

Remote monitoring and control give your business an extra layer of protection. It can capture more accurate data than a security officer. You can also check at any time to ensure the building is secure at the end of the work day. You can also get real-time alerts from these systems if they detect any unusual activity in the building.

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