Strategies for Security at Summer Events and Activities

These days, it’s not enough to come up with the best summer event. You also have to make sure that aside from being fun, it’s also secure. This is especially if you are planning to hold large events like a rec league game or a music festival.

In this article, we’ll go through various ways to make your big summertime event safer.

Communicate and Cooperate with Local Agencies

A detailed security plan won’t work if you lack the human resources, which is likely if you’re handling special events. You’ll need to work closely with local authorities to pull that off. But if you’re running a much bigger event, you may need to collaborate with state or federal agencies.

Event management is smoother with law enforcement by your side. You can address vulnerabilities that could cause disorders or disturbances among attendees. If you are an event planner in British Columbia, you can refer to the province’s Major Planned Event Guidelines.

For instance, if you prohibit alcohol in your event, authorities can help check guests before entering the event area, stopping troublemakers before they could even go in. They could also help you set up security measures like barricades and metal detectors on the event day. Plus, the presence of local authorities in the venue provides ease for event goers.

If you’re partnering with multiple agencies, it’s better to have a transparent plan for everyone in the field. Since you’re organizing the event, share the nature of the program and how authorities can assist in certain areas. It also helps to develop a chain of command or hierarchy before contacting different law enforcement groups to prevent confusion and avoid unhelpful arguments regarding the roles.

While local authorities are there to support you, there are things you can do beforehand to complement their efforts. For instance, if you want to make your sports event more exclusive and secure, you must hand out ID cards. These allow members-only access, which is excellent for adding a layer of security at your outdoor sports club or any venue.

Devise a Response Plan for Emergencies

The best emergency response is one that’s prepared ahead of time. Always think about the worst-case scenario and plan for different types of disasters for your summer security. Better yet, consult professionals on coming up with one.

Study the venue together and create a map in case of mass evacuations. You’ll need safe spots for the injured and those trying to escape the danger. Ensure that the routes heading to those spaces are marked, so evacuees know where to go.

Additionally, it would help to create a risk management and communication plan for emergencies. Develop ways to effectively communicate to attendees on what to do and where to go in case of disasters. For instance, social media is one of the best and most accessible ways for attendees to get information, like safety procedures, from event organizers. This ensures better crowd control when an evacuation happens.

It’s also why you should provide quality ID cards for security employees, so attendees can immediately identify the professionals they should follow when an emergency occurs.

Use Proper Credentials for Staff and Attendees

Releasing ID cards for event staff, security personnel, and attendees will help prevent malicious outsiders from going inside unnoticed. People can’t go in using various excuses if you are only giving out secure badges to specific personnel and patrons. Those who say they left their credentials somewhere or with someone from inside the event or attempt to infiltrate using fraudulent IDs won’t get a chance.

To make your ID badges hard to replicate, you need to invest in a quality plastic card printer that provides security features like magnetic stripes or barcodes.


“Don’t skimp out on security technology to keep your event safe. Invest in helpful tools like walkie-talkies, CCTVs, etc.”


Improve Event Security with Avon Security Products

Security issues and disasters at big events are hard to predict. But there are ways you can reduce their chances of happening. Through careful planning, collaboration with authorities, and added layers of security in place, like quality ID badges, you can ensure that your summer events are a success. And if you’re looking for the best ID cards and other related tools and accessories, check out Avon Security Products. We can provide everything you need for event security.

As Canada’s largest photo ID warehouse, Avon Security Products offers a variety of IDs, printers, and accessories for your business needs. Contact us today for products and services perfect for your next event!

FAQs on Security at Summer Events & Activities

1. How much security do you need for an event?

Generally, you need a ratio of one security personnel for every 100 event goers. But it’s best to consult first with a security professional to have an exact estimate for your event and location.

2. What are some of the potential security risks for events?

Some of the most common security risks for events include disturbances like theft, disorders like fights in the crowd, bad weather, and alcohol or illegal substance use on the ground.

3. Should security guards be visible or wear street clothes?

Security guards must be identifiable for big summer events in open venues, so attendees know who to follow when a disaster strikes.

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