Temporary Guest Passes for the Office Christmas Party

The holiday season is right around the corner. For most businesses, that means more foot traffic and office events like company Christmas parties. Dealing with an increased numbered people visiting your business calls for increased security as well.


One of the best security systems you can install at your company is a PVC Security ID card system. Not only are such systems capable of providing an increased level of safety during the regular season, but it can easily accommodate more foot traffic during peak hours and peak times of the year.

What are PVC Security ID Cards?


Security ID Cards provide an essential service for businesses of all kinds. While their main use is to prevent access to sensitive locations and provide employers with a way to track their employees for safety reasons, they can also be used to foster effective company branding and promote company culture. Security ID cards are used by a large variety of industries, including:


·       Emergency Services

·       Construction Crews

·       Airport Security

·       Casino Security

·       Hospitals and Health Care Facilities

·       Event Planners


Just about any kind of organization that stands to benefit from restricting access to a sensitive location, or monitor personnel usually employs an ID card system for better security.


Investing in a Security ID Card System


If your business doesn’t already own an ID card tag printing machine then it’s time to update your security capabilities. Companies that specialize in these affordable, effective, and versatile systems can easily guide you through the process of finding the equipment that will be best suited to the needs of your business.


Many also offer the option of a complete security package, which comes equipped with everything you’ll need to get your ID cards and readers up and running in no time. A complete security system can also include accessories designed specifically for your security card printer – like custom breakaway lanyards in Canada – so that you’ll be able to get the most out of your investment.


Temporary Guest Passes


When you need a solution for better security on special occasions, where you expect to accommodate a large number of guests to your place of business, there’s no better way to handle security than with temporary ID cards. Whether you’re hosting a large conference, a seasonal office party, or are heading into a period where you’ll be hosting a number of meetings with your clients, temporary passes with name badge holders will give you the option to quickly provide your guests with an impressive security technology.


Using Temporary Passes to Promote Branding


Unlike regular security ID cards that you’ll already issue to your employees, temporary passes are programmed to expire within a set period of time so that no one can access your place of business beyond the time required.


Temporary passes are like a key that vanishes when it’s use is complete. But since they don’t actually vanish, your guests will be left with a quality PVC card that can double in function as a promotional business card for your company. That’s because security ID card printers are capable of employing impressive holographic technology, as well as high-resolution graphic imaging.


If you’ve already invested in a PVC security ID card printing system, then it’s time to consider getting more out of your device by making use of special features like temporary passes. On the other hand, if you haven’t already invested in a security card printing system, talk to a specialist to learn how you can improve the safely of your company today.

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