Yearly Security System Check Part 1 – Supplies and Accessories

Just about everything requires a bit of maintenance every once and awhile. When it comes to a security system, failure is not an option. So it’s even more important to do a yearly check to ensure your system is operating at its highest capacity. Now that the end of the year is close at hand, be sure to go over this list so you’ll know you have everything covered for your PVC security ID card printer.


1)    Re-Familiarize Yourself with the Operating Manual


Just like any other electronic device, different business security ID products have their own unique features and operational idiosyncrasies. That means that security ID card printers require a manual to guide you through their operation.

When you’re busy with a business to run, it can be easy to skip through these instructions with one quick and superficial reading and then forget to make the time to get back to the manual. Even if you paid close attention, it can be easy to forget the specifics of long-term care and maintenance details.


At the end of each year, it’s important to refresh yourself with the ins and outs of your specific machine. Even if you’re missing out on one simple matter regarding operation, you close be rendering your system less effective and putting your company at risk.


2)    Accessorizing


When you supply your staff with upgrades and accessories such as hard plastic access card holders that make it easier for your employees to use their security ID cards properly, your overall system capabilities will improve. Two of the most useful upgrades you can implement are custom lanyards and contactless card reading capabilities, because they speed up access to a location and prevent cards from being lost.


3)    Stock Up on Supplies


Security ID card printers are an affordable option in the long term because they do not require much in terms of a continual investment. Eventually, however, you will have to update your replacement supplies. Some of the most important supplies that you’ll need to assure you’ll continue to operate without interruption include:


·       Blank PVC Security ID Cards

·       Printer Spools

·       Ink Cartridges


If you make it a rule to stock up on these supplies at the end of each year, you’ll always ensure proper operation. Depending on the size of your company and your printing needs, you may even consider a second yearly check at the end of the second quarter.


These three steps – re-familiarizing yourself with the manual, learning about new accessories, and stocking up on supplies – are essential parts of ensuring that your security system is up-to-date and in good working order, but they aren’t all that you should do. Stay posted for part two of this yearly security system checklist to learn about upgrading to proximity card readers. In the meantime, take a fresh look at the Avon Security Products website to find out more about what you may be missing.

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