Yearly Security System Check Part 2 – Proximity Card Readers

When the time comes to do a yearly check on the performance of your security system, you’re going to want to be sure that you’ve covered all of the most important bases in order to keep your ID card printing system up-to-date and in proper working order so that it can function at its highest capacity.


In the first part of this end-of-year review, the focus was on supplies and accessories, as well as the proper operation of your security ID printer. This second section, however, focuses on proximity card readers as an example of one of the most important upgrades that you can make to a system you already have in place. You can check out this prox card resource in order to make the upgrade now and bring better security to your system.

Upgrades that Improve Safety


You may have initially invested in a basic security ID card printer when you first decided to make the choice for better security. The basic option can be a good choice for start-up companies who desire a great means of long term protection without great initial costs.

Now that your initial investment has been in place and working well for some time, the next step is to upgrade your security ID card printing capabilities – not only to keep your system in its best working order but to get even more out of your system by adding more secure options. Some of the upgrade options that may be available to you right now include:


·       Faster Printing Capabilities

·       Custom Printed Hologram Labels

·       Dual-Sided Printing

·       Magnetic Strip Encoding


While some of these upgrades may require that you purchase a new printer – depending on the system you currently have – it is likely that upgrading to proximity card reading capabilities will only require a new card reading device.


Going Beyond Accessories


The upgrades to accessories that were mentioned in part one are capable of increasing the security of your system because they help to ensure that your employees are using their cards easily and correctly. When your employees use a proximity ID card to pass through a checkpoint, it can increase security in a similar way. For example, your employees can enter their credentials into the system without even having to remove their cards from their plastic card holders or wallets.

Speeding Up Access to the System

Upgrades like a proximity card reader will improve the performance of your system by speeding up the time it takes for your employees to access the system. This will result in employees that are more contented to use the system properly and less time spent away from the job. The technology used in proximity cards is the same that transit systems and banks around the world use in their cards, so you can be sure that it is a safe and reliable system.


Here at Avon Security Products, we offer everything you need to set up security ID card printing and keep your system in top working order. Take a look at our inventory today to find out more about proximity card readers and the other upgrades available to you.

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