Top 5 Benefits of Self Expiring Visitor Badges

There are numerous benefits to self expiring visitor badges, some of which are far more obvious than others. Security is always a concern, but it can also be both time consuming and costly. Self expiring visitor badges are a solution that can help you keep your business, organization, or facility secure without running the risks associated with many of the other types of security measures.

The following are the top five reasons why self expiring badges are likely the right solution for your security needs.

If you have ever had to deal with common types of visitor badges you know just how much time is typically associated with them. It is far too easy to simply walk out of the facility with one of these generic badges as well. It can end up costing your company a considerable sum as visitors forget to leave their badges.

Self expiring visitor badges make it so that visitors will be able to come and go as they need to without you having to remember to take the badge at the end of the visit. As long as there is a log available for signing in, they won’t need to spend a lot of time with the front desk taking care of paperwork. This makes it so your staff can focus on other tasks.

Set Expiration Periods

One of the neatest aspects of these badges is the fact that you can set a different time limit based on your needs. If you have a visitor coming in for a short demonstration, the badge can have a four-hour limit. If auditors are visiting for several days, the badge can be set to expire after a week. Since the badge tracks the time, you can feel safe that the people coming and going from the facility are better assigned to their tasks in the system. It is also a far more secure method of managing visitors that leaving it with front staffing or security guards since they may be away when visitors arrive or return.

Visual Security

Once you set the expiration period, the badge will look like a typical badge. As soon as the badge reaches the expiration time, red lines appear on both sides of the badge. This is an obvious visual clue that a badge is expired. If someone is walking around with an expired badge, it is very easy to see that person does not belong in the facility.

Easy, Affordable Tracking

Since technology is managing the duration of a visitor’s stay, the entire process is streamlined. While the initial costs may seem a bit high, it is because self expiring badges require very little work to maintain or manage. They require no special training and visitors are automatically tracked. This is a huge cost savings for staffing (in addition to freeing up your employees for other tasks that cannot be automated like a badge). You can also easily review your visitors from the logbooks associated with the badges.

Different Types

All facilities and organizations are different, so the approach that is right for a school is not likely to work for a pharmaceutical company. Self expiring visitor badges offer a number of ways to fill and track visitor information.

  • Manual badges display the visitor’s handwritten information.
  • Printed badges are relatively common and display the same information printed on a common inkjet or laser printer.
  • Thermal prints are done with a thermal printer, but contain similar details as the other badges.

Ultimately, the preference is in how the visitors’ details will be displayed. Thermal prints have a bit of additional security. Looking to learn more? Contact us at Avon Security Products! 

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