Top Government ID Card Solutions

Official government ID cards are required for a broad range of situations. Identification that shows a photograph and confirms a person’s age, sex, and authorization is commonly accepted as proof of an individual’s identity for entry into restricted offices and areas. Drivers licenses, Social Insurance Number(SIN) cards, provincial health cards, Identification Cards, and Permanent Resident Cards are all forms of Canadian government ID cards. These often supplement a Canadian passport when a second proof of identification is required when traveling.

Other necessary types of government ID cards are:

·         Airport personnel

·         Law enforcement ID

·         Voter ID

·         First Responder identification

·         Construction site ID

·         Various membership cards

Access Control

In an age of increasing vandalism, information theft, and terrorism around the world, stringent physical security has become an essential element for every business and government office. Unwanted intruders can pose a serious threat to personnel and property safety as security officers implement more stringent security measures available.

Managing the access authorization of employees and other approved individuals in government offices is the primary responsibility of security personnel. Likewise, schools, colleges and universities, international sporting events, and businesses are issuing coded personal identification cards to limit access and protect the location from unauthorized entry.

Corrections Canada also issues photo identification to employees of correctional facilities to restrict access and egress to only those people of anyone who should enter or exit.

Similarly, the Canadian Government issues photo identification to all military personnel and employees to control access to critical defense facilities.

Choosing a Government ID Card Supplier

Managing the various types of Government ID Cards and card personalization system to limit access or demonstrate proof of authorization requires a formal system of management. The objective is to have the proper identification assigned to each individual. In a working environment, for example, new employees will receive a new photographic ID for access during their employment. As people leave the organization, the identification cards must be returned or deactivated, so that future access is denied.

The essential requirements of an authorized government photo ID systems supplier are:

·         Collaboration with government security personnel to create specific ID requirements

·         Unique Card personalization

·         Compatible fraud prevention capability

·         Card reader capabilities

Award-Winning Avon Security Products

Currently serving over 5,000 customers with state-of-the-art identification cards and accessories, Avon Security card personalization services are perfect for any situation. Circumstances and requirements vary among different clients and venues. Working with world-class ID Card suppliers, the experts at Avon Security products will design the perfect identity card scenario for each situation.

Avon Security can provide the appropriate card printers, ID software, and supplies including ribbons, lanyards and holders, clips,

Most importantly, Avon offers state-of-the-art expertise to advise, support, and design the most efficient and secure systems.  For more information or to browse our selection of Government ID card solutions, contact us today!

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