Why Badge Reels are the Best Way to Wear Your Access ID

Using badge reels may not seem like the best way to keep your badge in place and available to you, but there are several reasons why these are great additions to your ID setup. They can be good for potentially unsafe areas. As well, they greatly reduce the likelihood of losing your badge accidentally. Further, badge reels allow you to keep your ID ready in case of spot checks by security personnel. As well, reels are a great middle ground between having to swipe an ID card and having it be available for visual inspections.


When you walk into an area where there is industrial equipment or many moving parts, having your ID flapping around on a lanyard is potentially very dangerous. Getting it caught in equipment, at best, causes it to break away and need to be replaced, which is a waste of time for many people. At worst, this can result in a dangerous and injurious accident. By having your ID cards be on badge reels, the likelihood of this happening is considerably reduced because of the tightness of the reel. In many cases, the most your badge will ever hang from your person is a predictable inch, and often rigidly instead of with the potential to swing.

Physical Concerns

In some instances, such as when dealing with inmates and potentially high-risk people and situations, a badge may need more rigidity. A lanyard is easier to pull, which means it is easier to dislodge or use as a weapon of strangulation. Having badges get lost is bad, and having them be used to physically harm workers is worse. Badge reels are beneficial because it is virtually impossible to use them as weapons, and as well it is substantially harder to dislodge them from the individual’s body.


The ability to have ID be highly visible is why they need to be attached to clothing in the first place. Unfortunately, this attachment needs to be simple to see and have no obstructions. Part a badge reels benefit is being able to see the badge at a glance and have it accessed from different angles. The ability to move it a few inches away for simpler inspection at a different angle, while also being secured, is a unique advantage that a reel presents to its user versus other ways to secure a badge to one’s person.


There is a need for balance in the handling of ID cards. On the one hand, they need to be seen easily by guards and potentially other employees. Because of this, keeping them in a billfold or pocket is not viable in most cases. There is also the need to swipe the card, which requires mobility that a card attached to your person doesn’t provide. Having to unclip and re-clip your card several times in the same day could prove very cumbersome. 


Being able to retain your ID card is vital, both for your credential needs and to avoid secure access falling into the hands of unauthorized people. When you consider your employees, how may of them may find difficulty in keeping their IDs, and how many people may want to clandestinely enter your workplace to cause trouble, this can be a scary thought. One of the best parts about badge reels is that they are secure, and they do not come off easily. Badge reels are solid and therefore IDs are far less likely to be lost and result in unauthorized people making trouble.

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