Understanding the Increased Popularity of Proximity Cards

The manufacturing of proximity cards has increased dramatically in recent years. One of the main reasons for this heightened demand is that security ID cards that incorporate proximity reading technology are used by an enormous variety of industries across the globe. The reason that so many companies employ this technology, however, is due to the fact that PVC security ID cards are versatile, affordable, and provide a high level of security protection.

Increasing Rise in Digitization in the 21st Century


Everywhere you look, our daily lives are becoming more and more automated by the conveniences of digital technology. With the rise of smart home devices and the increasing ease of use that such technology affords, digital products are finding more applications within the home and office. Many households now contain lights, thermostats, and locks that can be controlled by voice command.

This means that people everywhere are becoming more accustomed to devices like a proximity card reader – which offers a capability that may have seemed magical only a few years ago. With this increase in familiarity comes an increase in demand as well.

Proximity Cards in Commercial and Public Industries


The same types of proximity cards that you use with your security ID card printers to access sensitive locations at your company are used by companies all over the world. One of the reasons that most people are so familiar with contactless card readers is that the same technology is used in many everyday items, such as banking cards and public transit passes.


Saving Time and Worry with a Reliable Option


Running a company successfully involves a thousand things to keep organized that you need to monitor every day in order to promote continual growth. While security should always remain one of the most important concerns for any business manager, this doesn’t mean that you should have to devote all of your time to keeping your company secure and safe.

When you invest in the kind of custom lanyards Toronto employees are often seen wearing, it allows your employees to access their work locations easier and quicker. That is, when employees are able to use lanyards and proximity cards together, it allows your security ID card system to function easier and more effectively.


Versatility of PVC Security Cards


Not only are polyvinyl chloride (PVC) cards able to accommodate proximity reading technology, but they are able to incorporate a wide variety of digital ID card security technologies, including:


·       Magnetic Stripe Reading

·       Holographic Imagine

·       High Resolution Photo Printing

·       Encrypted Data


This means that as newer technologies develop, PVC cards will likely be ready to employ them with ease.


Convenience of Proximity Reading


When you employ proximity card reading capabilities into your security system, the entire process becomes more efficient and less prone to error. Employees appreciate the ease with which the can access sensitive work areas. In turn, they tend to be more respectful of the security system in general and more cautious to use it correctly.


If you’re currently using a security ID card printing system at your company, consider getting in touch with us here at Avon Security Products to find out how easy it is to upgrade to proximity card capabilities.

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