Using ID Badge Reels as Giveaways

When thinking of giveaways, door prizes, and similar party favors, you want something that’s lightweight, inexpensive, and puts forth your company image. ID badge reels may not be an item you think of when thinking of a good giveaway item but they are one you should consider. Avon offers a wide range of different ID badge reels to fit a multitude of industries. With customizations you can create ID badge reels that perfectly fit any giveaway, here is a brief overview of these different features.


Avon’s ID badge reels are available in several different colours. These include black, blue, purple, red, white, clear plastic, dark blue, green, and metallic. Colours are available in solid and many cases see through plastic as well. By customizing the ID badge reels’ colour you can match it to your company colours or the colours of the event your company is hosting. Certain colour combinations are striking to the eye and really make the reel stand out.


ID badge reels commonly come in circle shaped designs. However, if you’re looking for something different or that stands out there are other shapes and sizes available. Variance choices include heart shaped badges, squares, and rectangles. Heart shaped badges are especially fitting for charity or awareness events. While square and rectangle badges are unique and when combined with a company or event logo resemble a miniature business card.


Avon’s badge reels can be customized with logos or a picture. When handing out giveaway items it’s important to remember they also serve as a marketing tool. Your company logo or the event logo are an effective addition to your badge reels. By combining your logo on a solid colour reel using one of your company’s identifying colours you create something memorable. Clear colours can also create a dramatic effect. The same is also true when you reference the event you’re holding. A ribbon on a heart shaped reel or the logo of a worthy cause can also be highly memorable. Lastly, if you want something truly unique rhinestone reels are available and hard to miss.

Special Features

Some ID badge reels come with special features that make them unique. Options include reels with built in pens, no twist designs (these keep your ID facing forward), swivel clips, solid metal designs, a carabiner clip, and specialized reels strong enough to hold keys. With several additional features available you can make your reels specialized to fit your company image and the image of the event they’re hosting.

Avon’s badge reels are highly customizable and make for great giveaway prizes. When you buy from Avon you can rest assured you’re dealing with industry professionals. For more information on using ID badge reels as giveaways, contact us today!

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