Visitor Pass Solutions

It’s as important as ever for schools, businesses and other facilities to maintain effective, efficient security. Fortunately modern technology offers a multitude of solutions for hassle-free use. When you need to keep track of who is allowed access to your facility, control where they go and when and keep unwanted guests away. Avon Security Products offers modern visitor pass solutions ready to provide exactly what you need. 

Learn about the challenges you face, the options you have and how to select the absolute perfect fit for all your location security needs.


There are three major factors to balance against one another when considering visitor pass solutions:

Security: How effective the system is and the level of security you need.


Compliance: Even the best security systems sometimes suffer with user compliance. It’s important that guests use the passes, return badges to the front desk, as well as disallowing employees any exceptions to the rules. Security should be weighed carefully by making sure visitors comply with your security measures. 


There are several options available when deciding on visitor pass solutions, including specifics about the way you create passes, how you manage them and their actual physical properties. These different factors all impact security and convenience in different ways:

Technology. How high-tech you wish to take your visitor pass solutions and which specific technologies you’re wanting to utilize are both crucial aspects to consider. Options such as proximity cards, tracking-chip enabled cards and other high-tech security solutions require specialized software, installations and printing systems, but offer immense benefits to use and offers security.

Production. How quick and easy should production be? If you plan to use a system that allows reuse of cards, investing more time is easy, but if you want to print out new IDs for visitors as they come, you need a printing solutions that’s fast and simple.

Making a Choice

Largely, your decision-making process will build upon the people you expect to be visitor passes.

How secure does your facility need to be?

What type of visitors are you expecting and how frequently?

Does your staff adapt quickly and easily to new security measures, or seek to circumvent them?

Do people move through areas of varying security throughout the day, necessitating more precise visitor pass solutions?

Do you have staff at hand that can manage more technically advanced solutions and keep the necessary systems maintained?

Instead of thinking of the features of your visitor pass solutions, consider carefully how they will be implemented and utilized. The ideal system only works under the best circumstances; otherwise, it’s important to get ahead of usage errors and problem scenarios by choosing a printing option. Reusing generic visitor passes or utilizing a check-in book fails not because the system is unsound, but because visitors won’t use them correctly for use them at all. 

Check out our visitor and ID card system products that best suits your industry.

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