What to Look for in an ID Card Printer

Before our customers can start using ID cards to secure their facilities, they need to invest in an ID card printer in order to create the ID cards in the first place. Choosing the right ID card printer is not as simple a decision as deciding between black and white and colour printing capabilities. There are multiple factors that need to be considered. 

Here are the five things that we encourage all of our customers to look for in an ID card printer:

The type of ID card technology our customers will be using

If you plan on using magnetic stripe ID cards, then you shouldn’t buy a printer that can only print EMV cards — and vice versa. This is the most important factor to consider when choosing an ID card printer.

How many sides it prints on

The information that you require to be printed on your organization’s cards can vary and you may require information to be printed on more than one side; in this case, you will need a double-sided ID card printer. If, on the other hand, you know that you will only require ID card printing on a single side of each card, it’s better to invest in a single-sided ID card printer.

How many ID cards our customers will need

You probably plan on printing more than one ID card for your organization, but just how many will you need produced at one time? This is an important factor to consider, because printing volume capabilities of ID card printers varies drastically (some can only print less than a hundred cards per day, whereas others can print up to five hundred cards per day). Keep this in mind and do not skimp out on cost if your ID card printing needs are large.

How durable our customers’ ID cards will be

When you are printing ID cards for full-time students or employees, then you need the cards to remain durable so you do not end up paying an exorbitant amount for ID card replacements. To this end, you need a printer that can laminate your cards for extra protection. If you only need ID card printers for temporary ID cards, on the other hand, then card longevity isn’t really an issue, so lamination isn’t a necessity for your next printer.

The aesthetic quality of the card prints

This is where a company should start deciding whether they want black and white or full colour ID cards. For our customers, this particular concern is never a factor, because all of the card printers that we offer print in full colour and black and white. In addition to the colour, you must also consider the print method, which also affects the aesthetic quality of the cards. The two options to choose from here are direct-to-card (DTC) and reverse transfer (re-transfer).

DTC ID card printers will leave a white border at the edges of the card, instead of printing on the whole thing. In exchange for this lower image quality, it includes a simpler printing process.

Re-transfer ID card printing prints on the entire card, creating a higher quality image. It involves two steps, taking a little bit longer than DTC.

Allow us to help you choose the right ID card printer for your organization’s needs

Regardless of whether you need a set of ID cards printed for students, visitors or employees, our team at Avon Security Products can provide the perfect ID card printer for your needs. Contact us to get the printing process started.

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