Which Colours Should You Buy When Purchasing Backdrops for Photography

If you are wondering which colours of backdrops for photography work best, you aren’t alone. Photographers have all sorts of opinions on the subject. A quick internet search will return a lot of differing advice, making it even harder to know which colour is best for you. Fortunately, we have put a list together for you to help. Although a lot of comes down to your clients’ needs and personal taste, there are some key differences. Here’s a list of most common backdrops for photography and what each can deliver.

Choose Between Paper and Muslin

Before you select a colour, it’s important to choose between paper and muslin when looking at backdrops for photography; each has its distinct advantages. Muslin backdrops are most often solid in colour and ideal for shooting serious portraits, like for photo ID badges. Paper backdrops are normally used only once, are cheaper and come in almost any colour or texture.

Go with Green for Photo Editing

Green is one of the most popular backdrops for photography and for good reason. If you use photo editing software, a green screen allows you to add in whatever background you like during editing. So by buying a green backdrop, you’ll get whatever background your heart desires.

White Works for Almost Anything

A white seamless paper background is a great option if you are on a tight budget. They are inexpensive, versatile and help make your photos look professional. White also goes with any other colour, meaning it will match whatever uniform or clothing your subject is wearing. It can also reduce the cost of printing your photos.

Same Goes for Black

Much like white, black is an inexpensive and versatile background option that is popular among photographers who need a simple background. It also helps brighten colours to make your subject really stand out. Like white, it can go with just about any colour combination.

Enjoy Versatility with Blue

Blue is also a popular backdrop colour for photographers and is known for inferring intellect and technical knowledge. But if your subject isn’t wearing colours well suited to a blue backdrop, it will negatively impact the quality of your photos.

Choose Gray for a Neutral Hue

Gray provides a neutral colour that draws attention to the subject rather than the backdrop. It works well when you need to lighten the background and can go with almost any colour your subject might wear. If you need backdrops for photography, Avon Securities has got them. Check out our selection online and get the perfect backdrop to suit your needs. 

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