Make Signing in Easy with a Barcode Card Scanner

Tired of having a slow and cumbersome manual sign-in process that distracts you from more important parts of your job? A barcode card scanner is the perfect way to speed up your badge scanning and sign in process, simplify data collection on who comes in and out, and make sure that only people with authorized access are allowed in. It works by reading the information on an ID card and sending it to a nearby computer. A software then takes care of the processing and analysis based on whatever parameters you have set. All this information is then stored in a database where it can be accessed at any time. Wondering how to implement this system at your organization? Follow this guide and get yourself the best technology in access control.

Purchase a Barcode Scanner

The first thing you need to do is decide which barcode card scanner is right you and purchase it. You might think all barcodes are the same, but many offer different features that can be very useful in certain situations. For example, the Metrologic 9520 offers a variety of innovative features like data editing and flash ROM. The best scanners also have a slot reader machine for barcodes, which delivers great speed and reliability, so you might want to consider investing in one that comes with this feature. But regardless, a scanner should be easy to operate so anyone can use it. We recommend you read online reviews before making any decisions as consumer feedback can be a good indication of effectiveness.

Connect to Your Computer Systems

Once you have decided on your barcode card scanner, next you will need to connect it to your computer system. Most come with cord that you simply have to plug directly into the machine or connect via your Wi-Fi network. It’s important to make sure you plug it into the right port. Some connect through a serial port or keyboard port while others use an interface device known as a wedge.

 Install the Right Software

Because a barcode card scanner simply reads the data on a card and sends it to a computer, you need to have the right software that can process, analyze and store this data; there are lots of options available and some are even for free. Regardless, the most important thing you need to do is to ensure that it is compatible with the scanner you are purchasing – otherwise, your new system won’t work like it should.

Convinced a barcode card scanner is the right way to go for your signing in system? Avon Securities has a wide selection designed to meet your needs. Browse our selection online today!

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