How to Utilize Personalized Lanyards in Your Marketing Scheme

When you’re creating a marketing scheme for your business, you’re likely thinking of big picture tactics to bring you immediate and long term success; from social campaigns to print strategy and more. But, some of the most successful marketing campaigns simply begin with having people on the ground, handing out samples and branded merchandise that your target market can take back home or to work with them. Personalized lanyards are a fantastic way to invest a small amount of money into a product that can bring long term success.

Benefits of Personalized Lanyards


One of the key benefits of personalized lanyards is simply how helpful they are as an item with day to day use. Lanyards are the perfect item to attach home, work or even car keys to ensure that they’re not lost; they also work well to carry passes or scan cards to get into the office. Given that lanyards are so heavily relied on, it means that your branded lanyard will be seen and interacted with on a daily basis, making your company a namesake for the person using it.

Brand Visibility

When your personalized lanyard is in the hands of your consumers, your brand becomes visible to not only the owner but to anyone who interacts with the owner. Depending on how you choose to brand your lanyard, your logo may be visible from many feet away, making others recognize your company. These personalized lanyards are a simple way to get your name out to the public, both from the person who keeps the lanyard and those around them that see it in use.


>Compared to almost every other marketing tactic, personalized lanyards are an inexpensive way to get your name out there in the public. When you buy branded lanyards in bulk, you save significant amounts of costs for custom printing and for product fees in general. Additionally, hiring a small promotional marketing team to hand lanyards out at sporting events, concerts, or at large public centers will be a small expense in comparison to the sheer amount of interactions your brand will have with consumers.

Personalized lanyards are an excellent tactic in your marketing scheme to spend a small amount of money and get a large result. To learn more about getting your own branded lanyards for your business, contact us at Avon Security Products today! 

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