How to Avoid Damaging Magnetic Swipe Cards

Magnetic swipe cards are everywhere these days, whether it’s a debit card, credit card, gift card or even control access cards. These cards get their name from the magnetic material on the back. This allows them to store data by altering the magnetism of tiny particles made of iron on the magnet strip. This magnetic strip can be read by physical contact with a magnetic reading head, which passes along whatever relevant data is stored there.

If the magnet strip on the back of magnet swipe cards is damaged in any way, the card won’t work. So maintaining the magnetic strip should be a top priority for keeping your card working. Here are five ways you can prevent damage.

Keep Magnets Away

This is an obvious one but it is by far the most important. A magnet will erase all information you have stored on your strip, rendering the magnetic swipe card useless. Worse, it’s hard to protect your cards from magnets if there are any nearby, even if your card is in a sleeve or wallet. So the only thing that works to avoid magnets altogether. The most common sources of exposure to magnets are wallet and purse clasps as well as security tag de-activators. 

Don’t Keep Your Card Loose

Keeping your card loose in your pants or purse is a sure way to cause problems with your magnetic swipe card. Your keys, dirt, coins and grit can cause scratches. Enough scratches and your magnetic strip will no longer work.

Don’t Let Two Credit Cards Rub Together

When storing your magnet swipe cards in your wallet, it is essential to keep them all facing the same direction. Don’t store them back to back alongside a card that also has a magnetic swipe. This will demagnetize them both, making the damage twofold.

Get a Card Protection Sleeve

A card protection sleeve is a great way to store your cards in a safe, dry place. It prevents dirt, grime, scratches and other cards from causing damage. You can order a card protection sleeve from Avon security here. These sleeves also have the added protection of protecting credit cards from credit card frauds by preventing your card from being scanned.

Buy A Hi-Coercivity Card

Sometimes, quality matters. When you choose higher quality magnetic swipe cards, known as HiCo, they are strong enough to resist most magnetic damage you will come into contact to. They are also much harder to erase.

Avon Security Products has a great selection of magnetic swipe card, pre-encoded magnetic swipe cards and accessories like id card holder and card protection sleeves. Shop online from us today and see why we are Canada’s largest photo ID warehouse.

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