Why Membership Card Printing Should Be Done On-Site

There are a number of reasons why your organization should choose to print membership cards on site instead of relying on a third party printer. Today there are many easy to use and cost friendly ID card printers on the market that you can easily integrate into your current membership enrollment process. 

No Delays

The biggest reason you should bring your membership card printing in house is to remove the delay between members signing up and getting their cards in the mail. Since most companies wait until they have a large batch of cards to be printed before they send them off to the printer, this can further extend the problem. Depending on which third party printer you use, it could take three to six weeks for ID cards to be returned, meaning that you will have to rely on temporary badges in the interim. This creates a weak point in your member tracking abilities that is completely avoidable.


While the investment into a small printer to keep on your site may seem like a big investment at first, it will actually reduce your membership card printing expenses overall. You will be able to print cards in small batches as members sign up without waiting, and your members will immediately have access to their card. You won’t be paying a marked up rate for the printing service and shipping costs. 

Data Security

Not only does the delay in getting cards from a third party printer cause a lapse in security, sending data out to another company can also be seen as a weakness in your data control. Even if your membership cards only have names, pictures and birth dates listed, there is enough valuable information there to raise concerns in a world where data breaches are happening regularly. 

Accuracy and Control

Of course there is always a chance for human errors during the data entry process during member enrollment. One problem that companies face with third party membership card printing is that it takes weeks to realize that there was an error in the first place, and then correcting it takes another three to six weeks. This is inconvenient not just for the member, but also for your own staff who is forced to double check the member information for accuracy. By printing on site you will have the ability to make corrections immediately. You also have complete control and oversight of the printing process to ensure that it is being done well without unnecessary waste. Plus, you have the option to design your card design and experiment on your own instead of relying on someone else to make design choices based on preset templates.

Ultimately, bringing your membership card printing on site and handling all of the details yourself will improve the overall flow of member enrollment, and reduce lost time and money. You will have more options for handling member IDs and can make corrections before they become a problem down the line. Members will appreciate having access to their cards immediately and not having to worry about the safety of their personal information being sent off to a third party. 

To learn more about this or to get matched with the perfect products, contact us at Avon Security Products today! 

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