Is it Better To Hire an ID Card Printing Service or Do It Yourself?

If you’re looking into printing ID cards for your business, school or other organization, you may consider simply outsourcing the work to a third party supplier and forgetting about it. Though the one time use of an ID card printing service may seem beneficial, you’ll surely be printing ID cards more than once, and you need to take that into consideration. Let us help you weigh the options between a one-time ID card printing service, and investing in the supplies to print your own ID cards at any time.

Third Party ID Card Printing Service

There are many benefits of outsourcing the work of printing ID cards, there is no denying that. So long as you’ve correctly gathered the information you need to be printed on the cards, such as name, title, and photograph, many businesses can simply print these cards on your behalf. These companies may offer discounts on cards depending on quantity as well, meaning you can get a large amount of cards printed for a seemingly low price.

Keeping this work out of sight and mind for your employees means someone else may seem like a fantastic choice, however remember the implications that come when someone takes on the responsibility of printing these cards for you. Should there be a mistake printed on one of the cards, you’ll need to spend more time waiting to have it reprinted; there may also be a fee for reprinting, even though the mistake was not your fault. Likewise, if you were given misinformation, a poor quality picture, or need to have the card reprinted for any number of other reasons, there will be a delay in cost and time.

In-House Printing Services

Investing in your own supplies for ID card printing may seem like a significant investment, but this choice almost immediately pays for itself. Not only does having a personal ID card printer allow you to print cards at any time, without any delay, but it allows you to immediately fix the card if there is a change in personal information. Printing your own cards also gives you the option to change their appearance at any time, whether your company colours change, address changes, or new additions you’d like to the cards.

In addition, the cost of purchasing an ID card printer and supplies would immediately make itself up in the cost savings of not purchasing cards elsewhere. When investing in your own printer and card supplies, you’re paying the same amount for these items as the third party printing business is. This means there’s no markup on card prices, shipping and handling, and other fees that will be attached to the price of your outsourced cards. By the time you print more than one round of ID cards yourself, you’ll already be seeing savings.

If you’re considering whether or not to hire an ID card printing service or to do it yourself, the security experts at Avon Security Products can set you up with the printer and supplies you need to immediately save money. For more information on our products, contact us today

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