Videology 24M709AF-1 5MP Autofocus USB 2.0 UVC Photo ID Camera with adjustable LED Dimmer

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The drawbacks of consumer webcam-based systems – in particular frequent changes to SDKs and product hardware – are overcome by Videology’s industrial-grade USB auto-focus zoom and fixed-focus photo ID cameras and systems.

Videology’s USB photo ID systems are designed for the long-term and are ideal for simple visual identification as well as for biometrics applications including retinal scan, photo imaging, digital signatures, fingerprint imaging, smart cards, and facial recognition. Videology photo-ID badging systems are fully TWAIN compliant with drivers that will work with any operating system. Most cameras are WDM and DirectX compliant.

  • USB powered LED for high quality images in any environment
  • 5.0 megapixel progressive scan sensor
  • Separate formats supported for streaming video and still image capture
  • Both Compressed (MJPEG) and Raw video outputs supported
  • USB 2.0 bus provides power to camera and LEDs
  • UVC compliant
  • Convenient manual dial allows customized LED intensity
  • Tripod 1/4 20 mount is attached to base
  • Full SDK available for integration into customer applications
  • TWAIN compatible

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