Datacard SR300 Retransfer ID Card Printer

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Datacard SR300 retransfer ID card printer.

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The Datacard SR300 ID card printer dual-sided offers high-quality dual-sided retransfer printing, plus smart card and magnetic stripe encoding. With reverse-transfer printing, the Datacard SR300 dual-sided ID card printer has the ability to deliver full-color, over-the-edge printing on a variety of materials.

Product Features

  • Improved Image Quality

The Datacard SR300 dual-sided ID card printer minimizes cost while providing excellent image quality. Reverse transfer printing offers excellent print quality, true over-the-edge printing, and enhanced wear protection.

  • Versatile Encoding

The SR300 card printer offers the ability to add optional contact, contactless, proximity, magnetic stripe or dual-interface smart cards. (Note: These encoding options are not field-upgradeable and if added after printer purchase, they must be factory installed.).

  • Excellent Material Compatibility

Print high-quality images on a range of card materials, including PVC, ABS, PET, PET-G and polycarbonate. Because retransfer printing applies the image to the film, then applies the printed film to the card surface, you'll achieve high print quality, even on unconventional card types.

  • Maximum Security

The Datacard SR300 printer offers several features to ensure your ID application and supplies are secure. The password-protected electronic locks prevent unauthorized access to the input hopper and supply cartridges. Kensington Lock support allows the printer to be secured to a stationary object, creating an effective theft deterrent. Black panel security erase on all non-peel off ribbons is an enhancement that helps protect confidential personalization data from being visible on used supply ribbons. The personal information left on the black panel of the used ribbon can be obscured by blotting out the residual image. This feature is configurable by using the printer driver and is supported with all ribbons, with the exception of YMCKPO.

  • Exceptional Ease of Use

The Datacard SR300 is equipped with a number of features to help ensure easy operation and printer maintenance. It offers easy loading of cards and color-coded ribbon cartridges. The display panel also provides timely status information to the user. The card cleaning rollers are removable and can be cleaned to keep the printer performing well. A user-adjustable power save setting helps reduce energy waster and protects the printer from unnecessary wear. The printer and laminator also have fan filters, which help prevent airborne particles from entering the printer and card laminator, helping to provide beautiful print results on the finished card.

  • Optional Lamination

Help extend card life and secure your cards with the optional Datacard LM300 card laminator. The LM300 laminator enables one-sided lamination for 1 mil and 0.5 mil clear laminates, and 1 mil and 0.6 mil custom holographic laminates. The LM300 laminator can also be used to apply a clear or custom topcoat to your cards. Lamination adds protection to extend card life and custom holographic lamination increased the security of the card by making it difficult to counterfeit.

  • Optional Encoding

The Datacard SR300 also features several encoding options, including magnetic stripe and contact or contactless smart card.

Product Reviews

  • by an Avon Security Products customer

    What a deal. Colors are sharp and vivid and overall extremely high quality.

  • by an Avon Security Products customer

    I like this printer. It prints well with adequate speed. My border-less cards were crisp and vibrant.

  • by an Avon Security Products customer

    The best thing about this Datacard printer is my laminator can be attached to it. Cards and ribbons were easy to load. Color on the cards came out great!

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