Indala Compatible Clamshell Cards- Format 40134 (Pack of 100)

$3.48 per card!


Why pay more for the Indala name printed on your card? The UltraProx Indala Compatable Clamshell card comes with...

PERFORMANCE - With its consistent read range and reliability, it is the popular choice for building access
COMPLIANT - Universal compatibility with most proximity readers
CARD IDENTIFICATION - No additional charge for printing serial numbers or facility codes
SEAMLESS INTEGRATION - Easily integrates with existing card populations
CUSTOM PRINTING - Optional high quality four color artwork for ISO and clamshell credentials
DURABLE - Available in your choice of PVC and long life composite construction
SCALABLE - Upgrade cards as time and budget permits

Priced for 100 cards - Please call for pricing on orders 100+ 

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